Flat trigger

Is there any advantage to having a Flat trigger versus curved trigger on your EDC pistol.


Personal preference.

You will shoot great either one of them if you practice.
I have EDC with regular trigger, 1911 with flat trigger - both work perfectly fine, the same way.


As long as YOU can shoot it well, either will work. Just practice with what you carry…


I “think” there is. Trigger finger placement is a bit less critical. (IMO) All my carry guns have flat triggers. I shoot them a little bit better.

Not saying flat triggers will make you shoot better, it is personal preference and personal results.


I could of rambled on about this, but I found this article to help us all out on this subject.

With that said, I installed a Rise Armament 3.5 pound single stage semi-curved trigger on my Sport 2. Do I like the semi-curve…absolutely. Does the shape cause or allow me shoot more accurately. No. Only trigger discipline and proper breathing will bring that to reality. Practice, train, practice, and then do again.

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For me it would depend on the gun I suppose. I do run 1911’s with both, and I think I prefer the flat trigger. I do also realize that there are other pistols out there that spark this debate. Heck, even CZ has changed a bit over the years.


I often see people mention issues with clearance when flat triggers are installed. The curve allows more room for you finger (or gloved finger) inside the trigger guard.

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