FLASHBACK: Army Rangers engage in 300-round shootout with Crips gang on US soil

Don’t talk to strangers, and don’t mess with Rangers.

Actually, there are some interesting takeaways in this story for us. I note, for example, that when the police arrived and found the Rangers defending a home against street gangs, they took the Rangers’ firearms. They’d have been pretty screwed if the Crips had returned.


This is a fairly old story. I remember when it happened. Notice the police didn’t go down to the Crips to take their guns. They confiscated the guns of the people protecting themselves.

More virtue signaling by the authorities. If they ever get the chance they will disarm us all. You will no longer be a free citizen. You will be a subject, who is held hostage, to the tyranny of the powerful.


Why did they disarm the rangers instead of the crips?

Because law-abiding citizens obey laws by definition.


Yes, the article is a flashback. I vaguely remember the story but not well. I had other things on my mind at that age.

Bingo. It’s easier to enforce laws against law-abiding citizens than it is against criminals. Or as someone once noted, it’s easier to attack those who mean you no harm than those who might actually hurt you.


They could not have taken any thing away from our rangers they gave them their WEPONS and THATS what the crips would have never did because they are stupid and we that respect the law are going to need to have a sit down with Leo’s and have A barbecue and get to know one another so under trained LEOS DONT GET PUT TO SHAME