Fixing to start some crap here! (Holiday fun)

Yes, I do eat local when traveling, makes for a much more interesting experience. I have had alligator, iguana, and sea turtle, amongst other things. Opossum, I do not foresee, ever being on my list.

I messed things up for us with me going vegan a couple years ago, but we are small in numbers, and have done well with it. Mom is experimenting with a new recipe for pumpkin cake this year, and will also be making cornbread. Not cornbread stuffing, as there is nothing to stuff :-). So just cornbread.
Cranberries - mom’s favorite - and I think maybe I’m tasked with making the salad :-), so it will have many berries in it.

And I’m surprised that nobody added fudge into the conversation. I love fudge during the holidays.
But I’m trying this this year as an alternative that might be interesting, or not… We’ll see how it goes.

Not the traditional meals, but also not traditional times I think.


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I like Halva, you should make it, it is so much better than store-bought.

Had Croc in Africa, and well… not sure on some of the other stuff…

Also, there is or was a great Chinese restaurant in Kinshasa, and one Islamabad, both called ‘The Great Wall’, and one in Tunis but do not remember the name… that at least was something familiar, though, not sure what the meat really was. The Shrimp Tempura was great… and in Karachi, the grilled prawns were excellent and went well with the Red Horse beer.

Water Buffalo in Pakistan, but it was actually good.

Iguana stew and Conch salad in Honduras, but where I was, we were running low and the resupply was late… so… what we had available. :slight_smile:
Opossum? Nope… and my family is mostly hillbillies…

Had bear and Raccoon once at a wild game feast… and while edible, not something I will seek to have again.

Had to be rather diplomatic in Sudan… but luckily my ulcer flared up and a local also had a ulcer so we both begged off eating the ‘blackened’ fish with heads and eyes looking at us.

And to think… a lot of that was probably better for us than some of the fast food mysteries they serve.

Speaking of beer… now there are some good ones around the world

Castle and Primus in the Congo
Red Horse
and Mack in Norway…

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My goal is to shoot me a turkey :turkey: this year. So I can truly say God blessed me with the ability to gather food for my family.



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Don’t forget the roast venison… and some roasted root veggies :slight_smile:
Darn… now I’m hungry.

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I’m assuming :grin:… you Yankees eat some weird stuff at thanksgiving!

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I’ve eaten possum one time, wasn’t bad at all.
But my favorite kind of rare eating is fried groundhog… on a butter biscuit :crazy_face:

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I have had opossum, porcupine, racoon, mountain lion. Caribou, Mountain goat, bear, moose, bison, monkey, beaver, and coyote jerky. but then, without a shadow of doubt I have never had groundhog!

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I’m not a Yankee, I’m polish and born in Florida… lol🤣

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Such as? Turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, Apple and Pumpkin pies? Since moving South, I have eaten grits, corn bread, sausage with “milk gravy”, “ham biscuits”, crawfish, and a few other Southern “delicacies”, but not chitlins, opossum, nor squirrel. I can’t think of any strange “Northern food”, but we have many things readily available, from other ethnicities, which are now, also becoming available in the South - you can thank us Yanks for that! Such as dolmades, perogies, shawarma, etc.

Just don’t forget when you go across the pond, you will also be called a Yankee! :sunglasses:


Yes… good stuff… grew up with it… fried potatoes, hash browns… but NEVER crawfish… and NEVER chitilins (chitterlings)… do not even like the smell…

Hmm, Manhattan Clam Chowder (New England is better :slight_smile: ), ‘Grinders’… though different names, good food…

Clam chowder is a weird food? It’s just soup/stew with clams, similar to seafood bisque. Grinder, I know as hero (reportedly derived from the Greek word gyro (pronounced ye-ro), nothing weird about that, just a sandwich on a long roll, like you would get at a Subway’s store.

Not clam chowder… Manhattan Clam Chowder… New England Clam Chowder is OK. :slight_smile:

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Still not weird, but it is more like Italian food, than the creamy New England (regular-style). Not that I care for either. I had my fill of clams as a kid. My father was a bayman, so we had clams frequently, to the point I don’t care if I ever see another in my life; same with crabs, lobster, and baby Blues (aka snappers, in NY). The latter, during the Summer, I would catch in the creek across the street and have for lunch and/or dinner. I believe I learned how to fillet and cook them even before I learned firearm safety and how to shoot - too young to remember when that was, for both.

Bar B Que, ribs, pork steaks, tater salad, slaw, lemon pie.

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