Five Things to Have for Concealed Carry


circa 2016 and still eminently valuable information.
Paul Harrell is a good guy and doing these for all the right reasons.
Thanks @RocketPak for the refresher.

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The five things he suggests include:

  1. Gun and a reasonable amount of ammunition
  2. Cellular phone
  3. Camera
  4. Handheld flashlight
  5. An attorney and retainer

Do you agree with him? Any changes you’d make?

Quality Holster, at least one spare mag with mag holder, some sort of pocket knife (multi-tool if you’re not in a knife friendly environment). Paracord (buy some, the good stuff, and re-lace your boots/shoes with it). And a quality belt.

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@Dawn I’d point up the extended and impassioned dialog he offered about the absolute necessity to have your cell phone and to use it to call 911 as soon as practically possible. He relates how often it becomes a race between the assailant and the attacked, who called 911 emergency first. He noted how often the simple record of who got to 911 first influenced the response of the LEOs to the on-scene conditions at arrival.

Remember, your cellphone may have a camera too! He adds after you’re safe to start photographing the location, photo license plates of nearby cars, photo evidence of the encounter. And then send those photos to someone else or one of your email addresses or upload them to a cloud server. Place copies anywhere an ‘accidental’ erasure of the photos from the cellphone can protect your side of the story.

If you can record video, do so as well. Talk to bystanders, ask them for their contact information. Again, save these documents remotely to ensure you have some records you and your attorney can use later.


I did just skim the video, @Chris4 :innocent: He also goes into detail about carrying a reasonable amount of ammunition. If someone ever argues with you about how much ammo they should carry, this is a good video to discuss that as well.

Definitely good points about the cell phone!

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@Spence I keep forgetting paracord! I’ve heard, if you are a bit fiddly with your fingers, paracord makes a wonderful material to create all kinds of things! (Almost as good I’d think as the women crocheting or knitting to pass the time.) ((Hey I used to use a hook; a long time ago I admit… but!))

Ok, I’m going to add another thing I should really start doing for a half-hour a day.
…just as soon as I can find that book I’ve written down all the other things…


My grandfather used to do macrame because he refused to learn how to use knitting needles or a crochet hook, @Chris4. Paracord projects are the new macrame. :rofl:


@Dawn I would add… (6) have the RESOLVE, that is to make a firm decision, that the best fight (fists, rocks, words, weapons, etc.) is the one that is avoided by all means possible first. But that being said, to be mentally and spiritually prepared that TODAY, in an instant, you may have to make the choice to possibly kill another human being. And then to be able to live with that for the rest of your life. (7) have the ATTITUDE and mindset that you are not a replacement for law enforcement. You have the legal right to defend yourself, your loved ones, and others that you may choose to. Train and educate yourself to diligently and responsibly defend, but not to attack. Leave that to the professionals. Or, be prepared to face the repercussion of possibly spending time in prison.
I am new here with the USCCA, and people that know me well are aware that I would prefer to throw my gun and hit someone in the head to stop them. But that is not realistic. It goes down much quicker and much louder and much more brutal and much bloodier than anything you will ever experience. You can’t practice that. It will always be unknown, until those few seconds that will change your life forever.