Five Guns to Purchase With Your Tax Returns | USCCA

Tax season is upon us. For those lucky enough to receive a refund, I’ve gathered the top five guns on my wish list. This is not a selection of apocalyptic survival guns. These are guns I would buy because they’re cool!

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I have a CZ Scorpion Evo S3 pistol in 9mm. Very well constructed but a little hard to get used to a curved forend. .I ordered a straight vertical handle but found out it was illegal, had to be curved. Then I ordered a folding stock from Brownells. Found out that was illegal too. I returned it and got a refund.
Later on I get an email wanting me to do a product review. I told Brownells that the stock they sold me had to be treated like a suppressor under the BATF rules and that selling those folding stocks was probably against the law.I really lost trust in them.

Yea, thats all fine and dandy but not everyone will be getting back large sums of cash to even spend a portion of it on a weapon. My take would be like the 5 and under 1 dollar store. Many pistols, shotguns, even rifles are in this price range, $500 or less, not sacrificing quality/reliability.

Simjack, Brownells did nothing wrong. It is your responsibility to know the laws. As the law states, (and Cops & Judges quote: “ignorance is no excuse”). You could have applied for and received a tax stamp for a SBR and both the stock and fore grip would be perfectly legal for you to own. I am not sure if you can find it at the library, but if you are a gun enthusiast you should buy or at least read " The Machine Gun Dealers Bible" . It tells you what is legal in which states and also explains a lot of things about all guns. Also Google is your friend… You should google
: “what defines a handgun, rifle, Shot Gun, SBR, AOW, Machine Gun, and DD” Each search separately of course…
Finally, probably the reason Brownells did not say anything was because many guys would feel offended if they started asking what the stock or fore grip was for and do you have all the proper paperwork or permissions to use them with your gun. Since both pieces alone are not illegal to own if you don’t have a pistol to mount them on. and there may be rifles that they would fit. And on a rifle they would both be legal without any other paperwork or anything. So Brownells and most gun parts suppliers assume that the buyer knows the laws of his jurisdiction. And remember, they are there to sell and not to teach or preach the laws. So please don’t think they are being irresponsible. They just did what every other dealer would do.