Fitting the Gun to the Shooter | Concealed Carry Magazine

A primary goal for any firearms instructor is improving a student’s performance. One of the best — but, unfortunately, often overlooked — ways to improve that performance is to fit the gun to the shooter in the earliest stages of training as possible.

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“I have yet to encounter an individual who didn’t have the ability to effortlessly point at what he or she was visually focused on.”

It is obvious the writer has not met my wife! :rofl:

I can tell you that fit matters the most. My wife carries a Glock 43 and she’s a dead shot with it after her training. Me, I have a Beretta 92F that I’m a great shot with, but my M&P Shield I shoot low left because it’s a smaller gun in my hands where my wife can hit perfectly with it every time.

When I first tried the Walther PPQ, it was with the medium sized backstrap and it felt like it fit well in my hand. However, I had to pay attention to how I placed my finger on the trigger because if I wasn’t thinking about it, I put a little too much finger on the trigger putting my low to the left. With the trigger pulled back, the tip of my index finger could touch the tip of my thumb. The rest of my fingers cover most of the grip so there’s not much grip left for my support hand to come into contact with.

I swapped out to the large backstrap and now my finger is correctly aligned to the trigger and my support hand has more contact with the grip giving me better control too.