First AR 556/223

Thanks for all of this. A friend is dropping by later with his M&B 22lr and his M&P 5.56. I believe that they are both rifles. (And I thought choosing which 92/M9s was hard! :slight_smile: )

No matter what you end up going with, I’m sure you’re going to be happy! My only suggestion is to start a fund for the next one and/or upgrades!

Other than the free assembly and test and other optional upgrades are these about their normal prices?

This is what I got. I must say, that I love the thing to pieces.

The “cosmetics” were what originally caught my attention, but as I looked into it, it started to sound like a good rifle. When it showed up, the guy who owns the gun shop I frequent looked at it and said that it had come pre-set up the way he had his, and that I had saved myself several decades of frustrating experience getting it set up that way. It’s a bit expensive, but I, who admit I really know nothing about any of this, am well pleased with my home defense Go To.

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Not gonna ask anyone to post pics of their property on here but would love an update maybe a photo of one of those paper bad guys lol

My first time out with my new Colt M4A1 SOCOM.


@Craig6, never mind, I think the boss has agreed I can pull the trigger on this one:

My first was a build from Palmetto State Armory. It was a little over $500 & I added about $200 or so worth of accessories. I think I’m gonna buy a few already assembled until I get to my ultimate “Frankenstein” build. If these so-called politicians don’t ban them first… I will admit that AR15s are way more fun to shoot than pistols for any 1st timers who read this. :v:t5:


It’s all good, Long work day. Most of their prices go up or down by $10-20 over the year but they are pretty stable. Free assembly is a good deal but some of the other deals that come around aren’t too bad either. I pulled the trigger last black Friday when my pistol kit dropped $30. The free shipping is also a bonus.




Thanks @Craig6, as this will be my 1st AR, I am going to take advantage of the free assembly.

I have another rookie question - I am a guy with a garage full of tools including bench vise, metric and imperial wrenches up to 32mm and 1-7/8". I am a person that tends to tinker with stuff, so do I need this kit?

And is there anything this does that can’t be done with the kit above?

The first one should be all you need to do the assembly part with the addition of some pin punches, allen wrenches or a big flat blade screwdriver and a small hammer. I know for a fact you can jury rig stuff and get it together but having the tools is much less painful.

I would caution just because I don’t see the “upper filler rod” (the part that goes inside the upper when clamped in the vice blocks) that you ensure the blocks close over the upper and come together COMPLETELY so you do not crush it when you put it in the vice. If they don’t go ahead and stick the bolt carrier in when clamping. On the pistol kit that you are getting you will need a 1 3/16" (not sure if metric would be better, didn’t have anything that big) Box wrench or Crescent type wrench to snug up the barrel nut. The rub is the flats on the barrel nut is SKINNY. I ended up buying a single wrench and took it to the belt sander to get it thin enough to fit.

On assembly some of the pins are more of a PITA than others. I am an advocate of “squeezing” rather than hammering as you can snap off ears. To that end think very seriously about the Aero Precision M4E1 lower. It gets rid of the two worst pins to install by having the trigger guard already formed and the mag catch is screw in. There is also an adjustment screw to tighten the upper and lower together. Plus the mag well is flared enough that you could probably toss a mag at it and it would go in.

You can find online how to assemble video’s and PDF’s watch/read them to get a good idea of what steps you are taking and why. When it comes to assembling the parts with coil springs do be careful as the chances are pretty good that you will launch one to the other side of the room. Having done so several times I ordered the “Oops Kit” from those folks which contains detents, pins and springs that are often “launched” or lost.

Hope that helped.



Yes sir, I am going with the Aero M4E1 lower. Since I’ve never put one together before I opted for Outdoor Sport USA to assemble and test fire the upper, so all I have to put together myself initially is the lower.

My son has already advised me to wear a pair of safety glasses in the shower with a towel over the drain. He says he has found the hardest part to assemble is the two captive takedown pins. It is a shame he does not live near by or I’d have him show me the ropes in person.

Thanks again!

I dont think it’s come up in this thread, but a fair warning since this is your first AR… Hold off on buying “accessories” until you’ve put a few rounds through it and maybe even better taken a class with it. That way you know what works and what doesn’t work and you can ask around to figure out what to get to “fix” what isn’t working (most cases the “fix” is just more range time).

Probably everyone who’s been around others with ARs has at some point seen the 6lb AR turned into an 11.5lb AR with lights, lasers, tape switches, scope, offset sights, multiple QD points, bipod, two foregrips, and a single point sling…

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Having the proper tools is probably a good idea. If It wasn’t for the fact that I had bought a lower parts kit, plus getting one with the upper I ordered I would be waiting on springs and detents. I unfortunately lost 3 springs and destroyed 1. Thankfully I had spares with how I went about ordering.

For all of us “spring launchers” I have found a simple tool to help with getting them in.

You put the clevis pin in the takedown hole and stick the spring and detent through it and then push it past the clevis pin with an allen wrench or something the right size then rotate the clevis pin 90*. Then use the take down pin to push the clevis pin out. “Poof”, it snaps right in.

That said I like the shower idea. :grinning:




After watching a couple of videos, your idea makes sense! :+1:

I am just sitting in wait mode for shipping …

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My first was a s&w AR-15 556/223 MP

But I love my Ruger 556!!!

Mine is an Anderson, when I save up, an AR pistol will be next.

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I with with S&W after seeing the comments about some AR parts not fitting on the Ruger (which WAS my first choice) . Mind telling us a bit about a comparison?

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