First Amendment vs. Second Amendment

@Ben_Blanc although we disagree about God, this is to show there are no hard feelings over not agreeing.

Since this a self defense forum, and not a religious one. If ever you want to discuss religion, PM me.


fair enough


Gonna have to go with … if you don’t have the second, you don’t get to keep the first (or any of the others) so I think that makes 2A primary, and should have been 1A I think. As in “this amendment is here to protect all the others, now read on…”


I would say first, as it pertains to EVERY American, as opposed to the second, which only pertains to Americans who have not yet been stripped of their right to bear arms

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For 2020; I learned about a 2A gun rights conference this weekend. For more info, read on below:

Virtual (Zoom) Conference

Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 19 & 20th

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Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)

If you register today, or on Friday, Sept. 18th, you might also receive a reply with an additional shorter pre-conference virtual “social” (more relaxed) gathering on this Fri. at 6:00PM CST, as well

35th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference is Online
September 19 and 20, 2020
2020 Theme: ELECT FREEDOM!

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  • · Sat. 9/19, 10:00AM to 5:30PM CST
  • · Sun. 9/20, 12:00PM to 7:05PM CST

If the times aren’t convenient, there will also be a special link for registrants to view the videos after they are live.

Source, to Register, and view the conference agenda, please scroll down to the bottom within this link (click on) below:

Main page link to SAF: