First Amendment vs. Second Amendment

We all encounter a variety of arguments against the Second Amendment every day. Klint’s blog article below has some of those common arguments and great rebuttal questions to make the people you talk with think through their position in a more positive manner.

Which Amendment do you think is the more important?

  • First Amendment
  • Second Amendment
  • Both are equally as important

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Going with 2nd as most important. In the extreme, it’s the one that’s going to allow us to defend all the rest.

Excellent article… definitely going to use the “if only Trump was allowed” one.


To me this is sort of like asking which is more important…the Constitution or the Military. The Constitution is what establishes us as a great Country and gives us righteousness (core moral center) to use our Military to protect it (vs a military used to protect a dictatorship). Without one, (the Constitution) you have nothing worth protecting, without the other (the Military) you have nothing to protect the greatness created.

The first amendment is what establishes the Constitution as a great document and framework to establish a government (it’s core morale center) and the second amendment is what outlines the right to protect all the other rights there within the Constitution.

You need both. Without the first amendment, the 2nd amendment doesn’t have as much moral standing…without the second the first (and the rest) can quickly be taken away as there is nothing to defend them with.

A note of clarification…the ability to defend one’s self is a natural right and as such the second amendment has moral standing on it’s own, it’s just that the first amendment amplifies that standing.

All of this of course is just my opinion.


We are definitely on the same page here. I agree with you Zee 100%.

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Very good article. Not to get too political, but liberal logic will almost always eats itself if allowed to go to it’s logical end.

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Bingo! @Zee. The 2nd Defends the 1st.

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