Firework and Firearms

The 3rd of July has been the day for a lot of big fireworks displays in Wisconsin ahead of the 4th of July holiday.

Fireworks can be fun and exciting for a lot of people, but some find the sound of explosions unsettling due to traumatic experiences associated with firearms or military experience. The sounds of fireworks can also hide other noises that we need to be aware of.

How do we all stay aware during fireworks for other threats that may hide their sounds under the guise of fireworks?



Condition yellow is one one thing. Taking a purposeful dump in the collective punch bowl is quite another.

Happy Independence Day. Maybe it can be enjoyed without a psychotic level of paranoia…


Kind of two separate questions.


Easy solution… for me…

I’m going sit at my deck, under umbrella with my Family, enjoying cold beer, hot steak and watching fireworks from 5 miles distance.


Thinking ahead and preparing for the worst is hardly paranoia.


Yes, given the myriad Fourth of July Massacres that have ruined the holiday for countless thousands of people over the years…

But. yeah, I get it. Inductive reasoning can be a killer…I guess.

Enjoy that burger with one eye askance, my friend.


We spent the 4th of July a few years ago at my wife’s friend’s place in SoCal. About an hour before sunset the fireworks in the neighborhood started going off like crazy. This continued unabated until 2 or so in the morning when it finally started to tapper off. This was not just the little firecrackers we used to play with as kids. Lots of really big stuff and I swear it sounded like more than a few real firearms being mixed in as well though it was hard to be certain with the nonstop sounds of the war zone. Im all for a good fireworks display on the 4th but this was insane and not very visually interesting, just loud. I wonder how many folks got hurt? There were sirens on several occasions that night.

I’m not sure if all the urban/suburban places in SoCal are like that? But it’s the last time I’ll be staying in a developed place in SoCal on the 4th!


Like New Year’s eve, it’s morons firing their guns into the air at the big moment.

It astounds me how many dumb firearms owners there are out there. Add alcohol to the equation and suddenly they’re not only stupid, but dangerous, too.



And people are complaining about Chicago… :zipper_mouth_face:


Who ever is reading this and knows when they touch the bottle on the 4th they have to throw a cap in the air…

Remember the Cliché, “What goes up… Must

You got the rest!

Also, I think the best thing a family could do for those loved ones who maybe vets or maybe just experienced traumatic events in life, all group up and sit outside and watch the fireworks for a while.

Better said, allow them to see it’s not harmful and support them by being with them.


Ever been shot at? Have you ever heard the crack of a bullet as it passes right by you? I have the experience of being shot at and the sound of a gun close by has a distinct sound. If it is a distance away during the 4th I would have to admit, I would not be sure. Enjoy your family, enjoy your beer, Always be aware of your surrounding!


Nope, never been shot at.
Two separate issues are in the OP.
PTSD and situational awareness.


I guess my PTSD was showing. It gets on edge this time of the year.


I actually have been shot at. I didn’t hear a crack of the bullet, but more like a weird vibratory sensation as two of the damned things went right by my head. Like hornets from Hell, I told my partner. Terrifying sh…tuff, but all part of the “job,” I guess.

Yes. Stay safe and happy out there.


You are describing the proverbial Florida Man, LOL.