Firearms Training Tip: Tune Out the Noise | USCCA

I don’t know if your New Year came in quietly (observed with family and friends) or with a bang (celebrated with fireworks and fanfare). But ours was relatively low key, as per the norm in my household. I’ve never been big on noisy crowds, rowdy parties or the wee hours of the morning! Most of my calendars have unceremoniously flipped to another year while I was soundly and blissfully asleep.

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I’ve tuned out the noise of the ammo shortages.
I was reserving every round and not hitting the range.

Now I hit at least 2 mags every two weeks. No, it still doesn’t sound like much but going from ZERO to 21 is a big deal.

Grip, Lateral Movement, Up, Orient/Rotate, Extend/Safety Off, Touch, Press, Assess, Look the firearm into the holster, Relax.

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I hear you. Our household didn’t make any New Year noise but people in our neighborhood certainly did. Seems there was more gunfire than usual, ammo shortage be damned.

The shortage hasn’t affected me much because I’ve been garnering fastidiously since the last one in 2012. I still purchase when I can find it if it’s 10% lower than the going market rate.

Nonetheless, I’ve cut my ammo usage in half the last several months. Fifty rounds a week rather than 100, running various drills just to keep my skills sharpened. I’ve got a feeling this is going to continue through the next election cycle in 2022 and I doubt we’ll see 25¢/round 9mm ever again.

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