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I am fairly certain that some feathers may be ruffled when I say this, but that’s OK with me. We can’t grow and we can’t improve if we are blind to our errors or if we choose to overlook them. So I’ll just put this out there for everyone to consider: When it comes to firearms safety and training, “good enough” is not good at all.

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You won’t ruffle any feathers here, you are correct, especially when it comes to firearms training, as a former Drill Sergeant we had to train troops in basic rifle marksmanship skills which was correct firing position, sight alignment, sight picture, breathing techniques, and trigger control. The same thing applies here, proper stance, pistol grip, and trigger control, you have to train, train, train, if you want to be the best, these are perishable skills that must be practiced every chance you get.


I do appreciate your article and can relate to all the examples you wrote about. For me and possibly others, this leads to how and where you train (efficiently, effectively and w/I your budget) to improve your current status.

My favorite holster is a bellyband; though I’m open to trying a OWB holster (for less resistance, increased response). I haven’t found a lot of direction on “refining” draw technique (just practice). I do dress for what I’m carrying, cc.

I appreciate any helpful comments. Thanks for enlightening the good.

A good read.

Your story, for me, re-enforces the issues I have at home with a spouse who tells me -constantly - that I am quite foolish believing that I need to practice, whether at home doing dry fire or drills like changing magazines, or going to the range - at least - once a month. In the five years that I have been carrying, it’s been the same thing, over and over again. Especially about going to a range and spending $10 or buying ammo…especially about buying ammo. To cut ammo costs, I use a GSG 1911 ,22LR to train with when I shoot. Doesn’t seem to matter, though. As far as my spouse is concerned, "You already know how to use a gun, so there’s no need for you to practice all the time, let alone carry a gun all the time. You are not a cop, and even cop’s don’t carry a gun all the time. I wish i could change her mind, but I don’t know that I ever will.

I do/use the same thing Browning 1911/22, just a joy to shoot and no anxiety about using ammo. I hate using a single round of 9 anymore, what if, and it’s a big what if, there is virtually no centerfire ammo available for the next 4 years?

I hope that won’t be the case. But then, again, I recall a movie quote that I am finding to be true in these times…“Do not trust a hope, for it is forbidden in these lands.” I probably have an est. 2,000 rounds of .22, and I’m hoping to gain - at least - two more 500 round boxes during Black Friday at our local Rural King store. If I can get there early enough, they’ll have those in the store for $17.99 a box. Outside of that, I can only hope (again, slim chance) my kids will get together and gift me a computer dry-fire training program for Christmas -either .380 or 9mil.

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I know I don’t get as much range time as I should. It’s hard to get time off work or free time on weekends to get to the range. Then there’s the cost of the range time and especially now the cost of the ammo is thru the roof. And I know of no ranges in my area that allow drawing from the holster. I do dry fire as much as I can. As to shooting grip I will use 2 hands to sight in a gun. But I have to walk with a cane so I do a lot of one handed practice when I do get to the range. Dropping my cane is not a good option as I would have a VERY hard time picking it up again. ( have had to buy slip on shoes as I can’t even tie lace up shoes anymore due to a bad back ) Not quite as fast on follow up shots but still have good accuracy. Now if only I could find a instructor, range, ammo and the free time close to where I live ( budget $100.00 or less ) I might go get some more training.

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We are in a never ending quest for perfection that can never be reached :sweat_smile:

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.