Firearms Are Part of My Conviction, Not My Religion | USCCA

Anyone who has been binge-watching (and re-watching) The Mandalorian series on the subscription streaming service Disney+ likely knows this quote from Din Djarin. It was the Mandalorian’s quick quip to his companion Kuiil after being asked to leave all his weapons behind when confronting a pack of jittery, scavenging Jawas. It was definitely both a funny and a fitting statement from the well-equipped, beskar-clad warrior, who is part of a legendary clan bound by a common culture, creed and code.

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I descend directly from knights of the First Crusade through Celtic Jacobites on both sides of the Isle of Man and the Overmountain Men of the American Revolution and Omaha Beach on D-day to 2 brothers, a nephew, my wife, and myself who are all disabled war veterans; and 3 of us are ordained Evangelical ministers. So I can honestly say weapons are a part of my religion…not as important as the Bible or the Cross, but as important as other tools like buildings, websites, media studios, etc. However, weapons are appropriate for defense of the faith and the faithful, not for spreading the faith by threat of force.

Then again, I consider everything to be part of my religion.

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Well said, Beth. Maybe in the spirit of those founding our country and winning our liberty, we should all have the latest military issue hanging over the fireplace. Well, we can’t do that for obvious reasons, but I think you get my drift.