Firearm Temporary Seizures and Serial Numbers Ran

In Nc they don’t register fire arms I don’t see them running serials unless it’s to see if it’s reported stolen


Ok, so some questions for you.

  1. Why?
  2. Have you checked with your local state/county/city ordinances?
  3. When you ask a whole group on a public forum that potentially spans the world, what answer do you think you’ll get that might bring you any value as it’s unlikely that any will represent your local laws?

Just wanted to help you reason this out a bit more.



Personally, I’m comfortable, I’d let them.

Not sure if in my state, if the laws differ, I might not have a choice; Look it up? They can have my serial numbers if they ever want them. The sooner I do, the sooner I’m on my way.

Not sure I’d want to voice my disagreement right then and there.

I could always ask to speak with my attorney, then later inform my attorney what happened, ask if my rights were violated and what I can do about it legally, and or file a complaint.

In most cases, the officers are cool/friendly, protecting us, not hurting me; But if the officers, in a rare event are putting my life or limb in danger, I might want to act then and there, but that would be extremely rare, such as if they “knee the back of my neck”, sad to say.

I’d avoid it ever coming to that or escalating, in that way, I actually have more control, yet respectful, tactful; lowering my chance of me getting a beat down or worse.

I like to compare officers to our own sisters and brothers; As we age, we love them more, and miss them cause we don’t get to see them as often we we used to. When we do, we buy their meal, gift them, and show our love and appreciation. For our sisters and brothers gave a lot of their life for us, and there’s no one else like them in the world. Our love is unconditional for them.

Make an officers’ day, be kind to them, do something for them; You will feel more comfortable around them and they you. They deserve it.


You got some researching to do.


Apologies, I changed my wording.

Are you referring to you personally saying you have no problem providing the police with all your serial numbers if they want them and ask?


I disagree in that when/if confiscation begins it will be our beloved men with badges who will be taking our guns. They cannot be trusted with basic law enforcement…i will not trust them with my God-given rights.


HR 1808 just passed the house and is on its way to the senate.

You do realize if the senate passes HR 1808 it goes on to the president and the president signs it.

Now HR 1808 has grandfathered current weapons and they can add legislation in there to keep those weapons grandfathered you must have them registered.

When a registered firearm is used in a mass shooting, it will be politically pushed to do a full on buyback of current grandfathered weapons, and order you to first register and then confiscate them. Calling it the Assault Weapon Ban loophole.

You get pulled over after getting done with a range trip and the officer that pulls you over, puts a serial number attached to your name with a description into a system, and they ban these weapons, Do you fully understand that, ATF, FBI, and Local Law Enforcement will be there to check up on those firearms as they have done so recently?


No, I didn’t say that at all.


He was replying to the OP not you. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I have been stopped by an LEO,I roll my window down and raise my hands to the back of my head as he walks up to the window, and then I tell him exactly where my weapon is carried and that it has one in the pipe and they have never asked for my weapon,and then every time he asks me for some thing I distinctly tell him/her exactly what and where I am reaching and wait until he says OK,in fact I had one ask why I did that and I explained that I did not want any thing to be Missed judged at all and he thanked me for it,in fact They have at times not given me a ticket for what ever it was In reality I dont want any misinformation at all,One wrong word and things can get out of hand real fast,and I wouldn’t want that to happen on a stop at all


I don’t see what this has to do with the OP. This is apples to oranges.

Did you see how we have to store them if they are not in our immediate auspices

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I’ve heard about it but didn’t see it in the bill last time I read it.


I will find it and it says we have to have the grand fathered gun in our possession at all times and or in our custody which they say is carried on the person or within such close proximity that a person can redily retrieve and use ,locked by a secure gun storage or safety device They will have dates printed on magazines basically all the rifles on the shelf at your local shop are illegal they even include semiautomatic pistol for the purpose of ar pistols and rifles for the same reason

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Yes you can compare it to apples to oranges,but that is why my weapon has never taken on a stop and have been thanked by officers when I say before exactly what I am doing and wait for them to confirm it

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