Firearm Instructors are Always Learning

Check out this blog post by a female firearms instructor who received the Linda Harris Memorial Scholarship in 2019:

If you could train with any instructor, who would it be?

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Recommended one.

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James Yeager
John Lovell

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@Zee would be my personal choice.


:blush: @TexasEskimo :blush:
we should make that happen :grin:


I would give a great deal to train or just talk for one more day with GYSGT Carlos N. Hathcock II.

In the early 80’s I was on the Navy Rifle Team and when we shot in the Fleet Matches at Dam Neck “Gunny” would often come by on the final day to say “Hi” and occasionally assist with presenting awards (He pinned my first “Leg Medal” on me). As a personal rule he would not teach civilian’s or military but he would teach LEO. I was fortunate enough to be working with a group of individuals that were “loaned” to various LEO agencies (for training) across the country and we happened to be privileged enough to be students at his class.

Having been to his house several times over the years (he lived 3 blocks from me) I knew him about as well as a young sailor could and he knew me. He was staring right at me when he asked the Chief of Police “Are all these men Law Enforcement Officers?” to which the Chief replied “Of course Gunny”. He just nodded his head and proceeded to eyeball each one of my “group”, the man was far from a fool but he knew the game.

For the next three days we received some of the best hands on long rang/precisione shooting instruction that you can imagine. At “graduation” he shook all of our hands and when he came to me he quietly said “Doc, I have no idea why you are here but if your in town feel free to stop by.” That was the last time I saw him alive. He died in 1999 when I was stationed in Hawaii. I regret not stopping by before I left and many times prior to that. On occasion I drive by his house and I miss seeing the US and USMC flag flying from the pole in the middle of his yard.

All that said, I want @Zee to teach me her pistol course and in exchange I will teach her my long rifle course and we can compare notes. :face_with_monocle:



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Well, besides our own Zee, I would love to shoot with Ken Hackathorn again. When I toured Wilson Combat a few years ago, Bill Wilson had Ken come down and do a ‘mini class’ with us on their range. Watching them shoot was amazing.

I love Rob Leatham’s YouTube stuff, I wish I could take 10 classes a year with different instructors.


Holy camole you guys :smile:
Y’all are making me blush. :blush:
@Craig6 you’re on for the long distance course :grin:

I think I’d like to spend more time with my trainer Chief Macon, some time at the Silverado Academy, some at Sig Sauer Academy, and some with Massad Ayoub. And of course, with my hubby. :grin:

@Dawn, you aren’t going to make me pick just one, are you?


Same here!