Fire arm training without a gun?

Hi Sheena!
Thanks for the feedback!
I went shooting today with a fellow member of our group and loved all the new information. Is there a badge or appreciation that can be given from member to member educational contribution?
I noticed the thing that made me jitter at one point was working on the push from my dominant right and trying to find the right push back with the left to get the right grip.
Yes, honing in on the right gun for me looking at the Sig 365 XL, GEN IV extra long grip steel/polymere and Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm extra long grip.
Any suggestions?
Range time should be fine… I’m use to finding my center and peace through years of training.
Thanks Sheena!


Hey Kurt,
Just reflecting on “need to know”… you do have to tell the police, reservations (and business/facilities if they ask w/out a sign out front saying no guns?} you are carrying if you are asked other than filling out and sending in the warranty, but where does is that where “need to know” ends?
Thanks for the info :grinning:

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You have to use discretion - if you “blow your cover”, you could set yourself up for a burglary. Remember, there’s a huge black market in stolen guns - your Smith could fetch double its price on the street and with ammo, maybe triple. You have a responsibility to guard your privacy and property, and you should know who belongs in your neighborhood - try to remain cordial with them. +P is ammo loaded at higher pressures than standard to produce more velocity and power - only handguns rated for +P are suitable for this type of ammo - most ammo for .38 Special is now +P.


The Taurus 856 is absolutely the shortest .38 I’d go for - I’d prefer a 3.5 " barrel, but I could live with the all-steel model as it is. The grip-shape is a round-butt - their model 82 4" is a square-butt. Look at the 4 “Commanche II” .38s - I don’t know much about them, but you have 2 barrel lengths in what looks like Colt Python designs, adjustable sights and 2 finishes - the duo-tone models are especially attractive. Now try to find a Smith with similar features - they’ve never updated their old designs, and now you’re paying tourist prices for them.


Added to the list! Boy, I’m going to have to go hunting to find and feel all the guns suggested in this group. Much appreciated! It has to be the right fit for sure.
I understand not blowing your cover. I use tactile empathy to my natural ability and also know to fight and understand a wolf you have to think like one… at least let them feel and think so :smile:
Thanks Kurt!

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How have you gotten along?


Hi Kurt!

Nice to hear from you! Thanks for checking on me.

I returned my gun and got my $ back today, I brought it in because the barrel was loose left to right a bit. They said that’s normal. The extra web grip safety didn’t always fire…

They went to take it apart and it jammed open.
They said there’s nothing they can do but for me to talk with the manufacturer.

I said I came here with a gun that could fire and I’m not leaving until I get one.

I liked their Taurus 9mm but it didn’t feel as sturdy.

I like Sig 375XL Steel/polymer specs but does it just come in. 3+ inches?

Should our main gun for protection be longer for accuracy and practice? How long should it be?

Id like a pistol, semiautomatic, 9 mm, steel/polymere, no bigger w/out web safety grip, larger circumstance grip XL but thin as an inch, preferably w/ night vision, 10+ rounds?

What comes to mind and where can I get it?:grin:
How are you doing?

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Maybe consider a Sig P365 xl. I own the smaller P365 and love the thing. The xl is a little longer and has a slightly longer grip. 12 round mags are standard and 15 round mags are an option as well. It also comes standard with a flat or aka straight trigger. It comes standard with the X-ray tritium night sights.

Just another model for you to think about.


Years ago, Shooting Times magazine had an article about a new Taurus .357 owner having trouble with the barrel shooting loose. Rather than sending it back, he took it to a gunsmith to have the barrel tightened, voiding the warranty on his new gun, but the problem persisted. He finally contacted Taurus, explained his situation, and was told to return the .357 to them. He was sent a new model, and was told that the first one had gotten by quality control - the article went on to compliment the company’s customer service, along with Ruger’s. My only advice is to keep shopping - if you insist on having a grip safety look at Springfield Armory’s XD models. The Baby Eagle III is still one of my choices. I’ve always favored fairly long barrels in pistols - 41/2 to 5" - since I prefer the .40 over the 9mm. I’d stick with a 4" minimum for a carry pistol, but that’s a personal choice. I’m not that familiar with Sig Sauer pistols, but their “old” models supposedly had the toughest alloy frames made at the time. Medical bills have put off getting back to re-building my 'using" collection.


Sounds nice! I love the thought of having nightlight- most bad things happen out of dark!
I didn’t find 365’s.

Good info Kurt!

I haven’t found a baby eagle yet!

I’m sorry to hear of you medical bills Kurt. What’s going on?

Is this s safe sight or thread to speak of what we have?

Thanks for the encouragement! Great suggestion and fun to try different ones, thanks🙂

Just to be clear, the sights only have dots that glow in the dark. Making sure we are on the same page.

I am not surprised that you can’t find the P365 or P365 xl right now. All good pistols are in short supply. Hang in there though.


Thanks for the clarity Virgil!

Sights are the dots. Lights on firearms are referred to as? That’s what I was excited about. I saw a pistol with a light in front for night sight. 24 hr capable vision. I thought that was great!


Hello Heather

People mount the small lights or light & laser combination units on the small rails found underneath the barrel, just forward of the trigger guard. Not all pistols have the rails, but many do these days.

A great example of such a unit is made by a company called Streamlight. I own one called the TLR-8. It is mounted on my full-size Sig P320. It is both a light and a red aiming laser. I can select either one alone or at the same time.

You can Google them and see what they look like. Enjoy!



Here is my full-size Sig M17-P320 with the Streamlight TLR-8 attached. This can be set to be a 500 lumen white light, a red aiming laser, or both at the same time.

It does not replace the normal, glowing night sights on top though.


I’ve watched at least 3 handguns fly out of my bank account thanks to the medical tests and diabetic supplies I’ve had to go through - $1,400 + just in out-of-pocket hits for insulin. My drug plan is now active, but my deductible won’t kick in until I need insulin again in March or April. Too bad I can’t have a new pancreas installed.


Is that an option? Dot they have some small pump they can set on you?
My friend has diabetes. I guess it’s a lot about diet and in taking quality sugars, no processed droids and beans, vegetables especially round sweet top soil veggies like butternut squash onions, turnips, fish, miso soup, fresh fruit in the afternoon when you BP drops. No smoking and getting fresh air walks. What else helps?

This insidious disease makes food an enemy - any WHITE food - pasta, rice, potatoes, etc. - breaks down into carbohydrates, which produce sugar. White bread - which makes the best toast - is made with white flour, which already contains sugar, so that’s out for me now. I e-mailed the headquarters of my local market to complain about the lack of diabetic and dietetic sections. I’m also a sodium-watcher - an ordinary can of Campbell’s chunky soup has 400+ mg of sodium, almost one-third of your daily allowance. I drink diet and zero-sugar soda the same way others drink spirits. It’s become a question of living versus existing. An insulin pump requires minor surgery, but I’ve reached my limit with it all.