Finger extensions on pocket carry

Hey all - I’m interested in hearing people’s experiences with finger extensions.

I really like my nifty little EC9s for pocket carry. I really don’t like that the finger extension prints pretty obviously and makes it slightly more challenging to draw out of my front right jeans pocket. With the finger extension off, it’s real easy to draw and better concealed.

What have been your experiences with and without finger extensions with a small, concealable pistol? If you have a decent grip (I added a Hogue grip to my EC9s) does the finger extension make much of a difference for you?

I pocket carry a sig 365 for work quite a bit. I use the 10 round mag instead of the 12 for more concealability. I can shoot it accurately enough to defend myself with the smaller mag that the concealment is more important to me than the extra 2 rounds. Printing to get a pinkie on the gun defeats the purpose of conceal carry for me.

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If you truly like to pocket carry forget the extender & carry an extra mag. Practice more often ( dry fire & drawing). You can always get a different firearm.

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The extension tends to snag when drawing from the picket holster.

I agree with the one gentleman, practice with a flush magazine. If the extension is an obstruction then your firearm won’t serve you correctly. The extra magazine is a good idea also nomatter what you carry.


I don’t mind extensions, and I like the feel of a somewhat full grip. But when I carry, I don’t use one (I keep it as a spare mag). What’s odd is that when I started carrying, I used 2 hands to fire with or without extended grip. However, with the short grip (P365) I have changed to one hand firing with that particular gun. Oddly I’m more accurate with it one handed, rather than extended 2 hand, and it also feels better offhand shooting it without the extension for some reason. It’s also prints slightly less.

For me it really depends on the gun and pants combo. Sometimes the extension prints worse sometimes it (or an extended mag) actually makes it look less like there is something in my pocket.

I like my finger extensions but I’m not sure what your talking about.


Well this was interesting.

I went to the range last night WITHOUT the finger extension, but WITH a nice, new Hogue grip.

AND, I tried shooting left handed instead of right. (Turns out I’m left-eye dominant!!!)

At 10 yards with my little 3.1" EC9s barrel, I was hitting just outside the bullseye. I’m also doing better leftie at home with the laser cartridge. Interesting.

Lessons learned:

-I don’t need a finger extension.
-I like Hogue grips
-I need to try shooting more leftie!!!


Ok so next shoot with both eyes open, right & left handed… wish you well…

I’ve found this to be really challenging. Does anyone have any hints on how to train your brain to see the correct sight picture with both eyes open? I haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

This is just me, I’m right eye dominant.righthanded. I aim with my dominant eye at a target then open both eyes & seeing the same sight picture all is good. This does take awhile to get used to but after it sinks in both eyes will stay open. Remember the firearm must stay steady as you pull the trigger.

There are a number of threads on here about shooting with both eyes open. Here are a couple things that helped me learn to shoot that way:

  1. Squint both eyes, but both still open

  2. Hold the pistol such that the front sight is visually above the rear sight

  3. Put the front sight on the target

  4. Lock in on the front sight with your dominant eye

  5. Either lower the front sight in line with the rear, or raise the rear

Initially you will want to validate the sight picture is lined up with your dominant eye. After doing it dry fire day after day your dominant eye will naturally just take over. Hope this helps.

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Thank you! This will take some practice.

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I have finger extensions on my Ruger LC9s & Glock 26 because of my big hands. I do not need one on my Walther CCP. Great grip on that one

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