Final Passage of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

"… We know that legislation targeting law-abiding gun owners makes Americans less safe,”

Read the full USCCA statement on the Safer Communities Act, here.


I totally agree with the USCCA on there stance on this bipartisan bill the red flag law should not be fudged by our taxes, but i do agree with more security for schools and mental health, STAY ALERT DON’T GET HURT. :cowboy_hat_face::cactus::sun_with_face::us_outlying_islands::sunglasses::desert::us::+1:

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There are not enough safeguards are in place to prevent abusing the red flag laws. Using this legislation as an excuse, there will be some intrusive actions that will blindside some parents.


Using this legislation as an excuse, don’t be surprised to find that schools/teachers are canvassing students with questionnaires about guns. What do you think about guns, are they in your home, how are they stored, do you have access, what kind are they, etc, etc ? Based on the answers they get and/or potentially the kids conduct in school, you will get a knock on your door. Then guess what happens next?