Felon Shoots Himself

Thank goodness he shot him self, else one of us law abiding gun carriers out here may have had to do it.


I don’t get it, how could this have happened? He is a felon, by law, he can’t have a firearm. He had a ghost gun, it didn’t have a S/N. We have laws and are adding laws everyday to make sure this doesn’t happen… :roll_eyes:


How do you get into a casino with a gun? I thought they used a metal detector when you enter? I could be wrong, the only casino that I’ve been to was French Lick in Indiana, and they used a wand to check us when we went in. And like Mike164 said we have laws to keep felons from owning firearms. Maybe more laws huh? I’d like to know how many hours this guy will be detained before he is released. There are reasons that I don’t go to casinos, and this is one of them. Being a law abiding legal gun owner I would spend more time behind bars than this guy. Rant over.


My range time pays out better😀


I know right !!!