Federal Syntech

Has anyone else tried Federal Syntech ammo. I just ordered some in two different calibers to try out. It is supposed to be cleaner making it easier to clean the weapon after a day at the range. I will know in a week or two.


Sound promising. Polymer coating will make cleaning easier for sure.
I’ve never shot Federal, I’d like to hear from you how does it work.

I had some negative experience with polymer coated ammo, but that one I shot was reloaded, not branded, so that could be the problem. It burned badly, and had a lot of failures to feed on my EDC (probably caused by polymer not allowing projectile to slide on feed ramp). However my 1911 ate that ammo without any issue :slightly_smiling_face:

@Robert5, let us know how you like Federal Syntech :+1:
BTW: Did you order Target Round Nose or Hollow Points?

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I got round nose to see how they feed. I am hoping they work as advertised and I also thought this was a good time to add to my stockpile.

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I’d like to hear about it too. I would think polymer would leave more behind in the barrell (because its so soft), but is that not the case?

What calibers did you order?

All I can say is according to the reviews the Syntech isn’t so soft that is sticks in the lands and groves… And they make them with clean burning powder and primers. The primary goal was to make competition ammo that fell within the rules. The reviews were pretty positive. They also make them in target and home defense rounds all with different colors because, well because they can. I got 45 and 9mm. I was looking for some range ammo and found a site that had both calibers in stock. If they end up working well a few hundred rounds will be stocking my locker in the future. The home defense rounds are Frangible and should make a good addition in these trying times. Here is a review https://www.ssusa.org/articles/2018/4/23/review-federal-syntech-action-pistol-ammo/

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