Federal Syntech

Has anyone else tried Federal Syntech ammo. I just ordered some in two different calibers to try out. It is supposed to be cleaner making it easier to clean the weapon after a day at the range. I will know in a week or two.


Sound promising. Polymer coating will make cleaning easier for sure.
I’ve never shot Federal, I’d like to hear from you how does it work.

I had some negative experience with polymer coated ammo, but that one I shot was reloaded, not branded, so that could be the problem. It burned badly, and had a lot of failures to feed on my EDC (probably caused by polymer not allowing projectile to slide on feed ramp). However my 1911 ate that ammo without any issue :slightly_smiling_face:

@Robert5, let us know how you like Federal Syntech :+1:
BTW: Did you order Target Round Nose or Hollow Points?

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I got round nose to see how they feed. I am hoping they work as advertised and I also thought this was a good time to add to my stockpile.

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I’d like to hear about it too. I would think polymer would leave more behind in the barrell (because its so soft), but is that not the case?

What calibers did you order?

All I can say is according to the reviews the Syntech isn’t so soft that is sticks in the lands and groves… And they make them with clean burning powder and primers. The primary goal was to make competition ammo that fell within the rules. The reviews were pretty positive. They also make them in target and home defense rounds all with different colors because, well because they can. I got 45 and 9mm. I was looking for some range ammo and found a site that had both calibers in stock. If they end up working well a few hundred rounds will be stocking my locker in the future. The home defense rounds are Frangible and should make a good addition in these trying times. Here is a review https://www.ssusa.org/articles/2018/4/23/review-federal-syntech-action-pistol-ammo/

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OK I finally got a chance to try the Syntech 45 at the range this weekend. To tell the truth I didn’t know what to expect. Compared to 230 gr FMJ the look like a brass case with red lipstick where the bullet belongs. Other than that they are pretty much the same. Both the FMJs and the Syntech are 230 gr so then only other difference is the Synthetic coating on the bullet.

I wasn’t thinking of hooting my 45 this weekend but I brought it just in case. Fir me the most accurate round out of the 45 is the 185 gr hollowpoints I EDC. The FMJ Winchester rounds Tend to spread out for me at 20 feet. I could still put most of 21 rounds in a Honeydew Mellon at 20 feet. But I have to really practice trigger control. With the 185 gr HPs the target shrinks to a grapefruit with one or two fliers at the magazine change. The 230 gr Syntech rounds shoot about as well as the 185 gr hps. So in my experience the Syntech shoots better that Winchester 230 gr range ammo. The biggest difference was cleaning the weapon at home. I didn’t have as many dirty cleaning swabs I believe because of the synthetic red covering of the bullet. I had no malfunctions and the grouping was some of the best I have shot with the 45.

For my review I would say for range ammo the Syntech is a good choice. If the price is right I would get it rather than FMJ range ammo. For saving on cleaning patches it is a big winner for me.


@Robert5 . Thank you for the feedback.

Hard to believe it’s already 1 year you started the thread. :smiley:

Anyway, it looks like there is nothing to worry about using this ammunition.
For me the price is the prime factor… and unfortunately Syntech is still more expensive than FMJ.
Hopefully it will drop a little to be competitive for purchase.

@Jerzy I only bought the syntech because it was on sale online. It was a reaction to some pre-hoarding going on at my favorite ammo store. 9 mm and 45 were flying off of the shelves and no one was selling 200 round range boxes. Online supplies were slower to react I think so I spotted the Syntech in 200 round boxes for the same price of Winchester 230 FMJ. Lucky Gunner jumped on the price increase at the first sniff of a run on guns and ammo so I was looking for a new supplier.

I was still shooting 9mm at the range till the shelves went dry and I didn’t want to fall below my base stock of each caliber at home.

Ammo is coming back in my area and I had picked up some 22lr for target shooting felt I could burn up some ammo and replace it now.

If the price is right I could see getting more Syntech but like you if there is a big difference I will still use FMJ.

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Thanks for the review! With metals prices going up the syntech target ammo may be the cheaper alternative in the future. I don’t know anything about the syntech frangible ammo but be aware that most of the other frangible ammo I have seen tested in the past has very poor penetration. Kinda the handgun equivalent to using birdshot instead of buckshot in a shotgun.

After a bit more research I am not as interested in Frangible ammo. Hollow points should get the job done. I do have people I know that are so worried about over penetration that is what they use for EDC ammo.

All I can attest to is the range Syntech ammo I put down the pipe. It shoots, for me, as accurate as I can hope to achieve. It was cleaner than the FMJ I have been using at the range and I had no malfunctions. I still use FMJ however unless I can get Syntech on sale.

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Thank you @Robert5 for that review! I think @Shamrock is probably right, as the price of metals remains high Syntech may very well be a cost effective choice for quite a while. It’s good to know its a viable alternative if the cost compares reasonably to normal FMJ ammo.

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I would not expect Syntech to be less expensive than FMJ. The only difference is just coating, so projectile’s core is still made of lead and casing is brass.
Syntech ammo is advertised and treated as better than FMJ making shooting and firearm’s maintenance easier, extending barrel life.
This have to come with higher price.
My guess is that the best scenario that may happen is that the price will equal… but I still have doubts.

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Those are good points…

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I did find it to be cheaper that hollow point defense rounds. A box of 50 was less than 20 Sig 185 defense rounds. Just in my case anyway. I use the hollow points for EDC.

Which one? Syntech Defense or Action / Range?

The action Syntech range ammo. But I will confess it was on sale at the time. I got 100 rounds for under $90.00 .45 230 gr. With shipping. Apples to apples Federal 185 gr Jhp is $60.00. The other day I found .45 230 gr FMJ for $35.00 not including shipping. So ammo seems to be coming back.

ANY “range” or “target” ammo is and will be less expensive than hollow points.
Anyway, in my case, I don’t care what range / target ammo I’m gonna use. Whatever is less expensive - that’s my purchase. There are only two kinds of target ammo I don’t buy: polymer reloads and steel case.

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99.999% of the bullets I shoot in my Glock 19s are polymer coated. I’d say I would have to shoot 1,000 rounds to get the same amount of fouling and leading that would result from sending 50 rounds of regular ammo down the barrel. Using just a touch of lube keeps things clean too.

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I was impressed with how much cleaner the barrel was after getting back from the range. My big box store is filling their shelves at last but so far no Syntech to choose from. Once I get my shelves restocked I may look harder for deals on more Syntech. I do have enough for another day at the range with the .45 and one with the 9mm.

As they say a clean weapon is a happy weapon.

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