Federal Database that tracks vehicle movement?

“later searching a federal database that tracks vehicle movement across the country.”

“The database search found Frazier was in Kansas, heading west, three days prior.”

Big Brother is Watching EVERY movement? Scary Scary Stuff here Folks.


The SLT article doesn’t say which “federal database” was involved in this 2019 traffic stop.

There was a big to-do back in early 2015 called out by ACLU, WSJ, et al. that DEA had been building such a database from license plate readers and other sources. I don’t know what became of that program — my initial Google scan went quickly silent and I haven’t tried to dig.

A related topic pops up from last spring.

So, sure — the eyes of tech have been upon us all the livelong day. I suppose more intensely since the Patriot Panic Acts of the early 00s has allowed almost anything in pursuit of The Global War to Provoke Terrorism. It’s not just about the xenophobia.

Another issue which should bring the political left and right together. :rofl:


So let’s spell out my tracking. Supermarket, doctors, gas, hardware/garden store, home, maybe the range, park for a walk, back to doctors and home!
Repeat as necessary!
Have you seen gas prices lately, I’m not going anywhere! Not that I want them tracking, but there’s nothing to see here!


As long as you haven’t driven by a crime scene in a certain time frame. There was an article a couple years ago about a guy who regularly road his bike on his exercise route by a home were a crime later occurred. Google was nice enough to hand his phone records over without a warrant I believe. He became an instant suspect just for riding down the road. Took him a year and thousands in lawyers fees to clear his name.

This is a blatant 4A violation!


The State Police in Washington used a public program to trace the guy that killed the 4 students in Idaho. They had traffic cam video for the entire trip.


There was a case here that they used The National License Plate ID System to track where the perp had gone. Yes they are recording and they are storing your license plates.

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