Favor to ask... Reciprocity Map Feedback

Been a busy day, although I have some possible corrections for Montana.

Washington. The map is correct, WA does not honor a MT permit (it used to). Montana does honor their permits (which I saw is also correct on the map).

“Background checks are required if you’re purchasing a handgun from a Federal Firearms Dealer.” Actually, for purchase of any firearm from an FFL, unless you have a MT CCW permit, in which case the permit is sufficient. In other words, they do not call the NICS system.

Concealed carry outside of Incorporated Areas can be done without a permit, no specific reason needs to be given. You cannot conceal inside a bank, places that serve alcohol, churches, and the mining/logging camps.

From the website: Even with a concealed weapons permit, you may not carry a concealed weapon in the following places:

buildings owned or leased by the federal, state or local government
financial institutions
any place where alcoholic beverages are sold, dispensed and consumed
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Missouri - fixes. carry in schools is allowed if the school board consents.

Also, we have preemption so I’m not sure that the municipality restrictions on OC is correct, that should be checked. It looks like it might be correct in the detail section for municipality-owned property, but I think the summary description implies its within the municipality anywhere.

Not clear if non-residents are granted the same OC/CC permitless carry as residents, or if they have to have a home-state permit.

I think the switchblade information is incomplete and not quite correct.

I like that the list of restricted locations is detailed.

VA looks good! Love the change log at the bottom!

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Thanks. Please let us know any comments you might have in the future!


Thanks J_Richard. There has been some recent confusion with a USCCA member being told that VA no longer honored PA permits, but I verified that VA still honors all valid state ccw permits, including PA. Our site has been updated.

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MarkinMT. Thanks for the info. I updated the background check info, carry outside of incorporated areas & bank carry. As far as I can tell, there is no MT statute preventing carry in places of worship. My understanding they are treated as private property. If there is a statutory reference you may be aware of, please let me know.


Zee, thanks so much for the info. I updated carry in schools with permission as well as removing the reference in the summary to the City of Blair, as they lifted their open carry restriction effective April 12, 2019. I also updated the knife info in the FAQ section. If you seen anything else in the future, please let me know.

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Thanks JTS. Please let me know if you notice anything in the future.

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Hey Everyone - @Bonnie1 is the awesome person who handles our Reciprocity Map! You’ve got her ear in this thread! Please be sure to tag her (@Bonnie1) if you are directly responding to her or have questions for her!


@Bonnie1 First… Welcome to here!! Yes, I stand corrected about places of worship. I really thought that was the case, even checked some Counties. Nothing.

One thing to add… if a financial institution (aka Bank) is inside a mall or grocery store, then you are ok to carry into the mall or grocery store. You are prohibited from entering the banking “area” though. That is treated like entering a bank.

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MarkinMT Regarding banks, it was for that reason that I put “Inside any bank…” in our Location Restrictions section.


Bonnie1 - Richard43 here. I posted something that I tried to delete, just today.
A prompt from USCCA said I couldn’t post a blank message, so I just tried to change the wording of the category to delete what I said. Sorry for the confusion. Also, USCCA member DavidBKY gave me a lot to think about with his post.

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Richard43 - No worries! I don’t know what post you’re referring to from DavidBKY…

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I fixed Illinois. :grin:


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Here’s how to fix Illinois


@45IPAC. Love this @45IPAC. Chet because many not all but many Chicago residents feel exactly the same. There’s Chicago and then there’s this other Land mass which is superfluous.


@Randolphe_P not sure why you’re getting it as an email - but that is one of the options you can set on the community here (email notifications or not). If you’ve commented on a thread, and you have email notification on, you’ll get an email. @Dawn can probably help you figure it out. @Dawn?

Kentucky looks good. Keep an eye on the “red flag” info. It’s up for consideration next term.


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I use it as a primary source to answer questions for students along with a couple of others online.

Our team here seems to do a much better job of keeping it up to date than most of the others and presents the info in a clear and concise manner.

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