Fauci: There might be "merit" to the idea of coronavirus immunity certificates

Medical privacy out of the window, freedom of movement out of the window… Not to mention instant visual of people walking with yellow stars on clothes. I am not surprised that idea like this visited on a petty MSM totalitarian, but Dr.Fauchi seriously discussing this disappointed me a great deal. Perhaps he should lose his job at the White House.

Apple and Google are working together to make it so that with cell phone tracing, they can know who you have been around. That way someone comes up positive, they can tell you to shut yourself in because you have been exposed.

The system that Fauci (and a few others) are talking about is already being used in China.


Yes, a friend was in China last year and was with a local who jaywalked–they got a text message and a ticket in seconds for it based on geolocation from their phone.
That is not something I’d like to live under, although I know we already do to a large extent.


It requires an app, which is up to you to install or ignore. I am fine with whatever individual choice anyone makes. If you believe an algorithm by Google or Apple can reliably ( :rofl: I am an IT professional FYI) and honestly ( :rofl: you ever dealt with blacklisting on Search or Youtube?) tell you to go home, go ahead by all means. Some of these orders may coincides with rallies, elections, etc. events, purely by chance of course. There is also no chance that this information will be shared with your employer, insurance provider, etc. Google wouldn’t want you to be fired or your premium jacked up for frequently being in the wrong crowd.

As for China… people disappear there. I sure hope Google has not dirtied its name with that yet.


One of the news articles I’d heard, thinking it was on NPR but I don’t remember, was Apple & Google were looking at coding into the OS the geo-loc code. I understand the benefits of this; and, this something used during the time of public health/civil defense. Sadly, I can easily imagine the abuse of such a system by a tyrannical government.

The worst of it is the world and its diseases tend to enjoy creating perfect storms with people, who well-intentioned, lead us down evil paths.

We can already understand the frustration of not being able to influence the government for four years when the other party wins. There are countries around the world that are already decades into authoritarian governments who the people have not been able to overthrow.

We are certainly living in interesting times.

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I remember living before smart phones

I remember living before cell phones

I can live without these again.


With Fauci, the AT&T commercial comes to mind … “Stay in your lane, bro.”

Fauci is a medical doctor. I’m disappointed that a smart guy like him, who has spent decades in the Washington cesspool, doesn’t have enough street smarts to defer controversial preventive measure questions. In short … he should know better. Ditto for Trump for giving him an open microphone. Pence should be the spokesman for the Coronavirus Task Force.

But you’re right Alexander, our freedom is on the ropes, and has been for the past 2 decades. Our “representatives” (I use that term very loosely) in DC aren’t wasting this opportunity to have us all microchipped and tracked.


Any mobile phone, smart or not, is being tracked by nature of its design. The question is, what is protected by privacy laws, what is admissible in court, what is accessible by private investigators, etc. Israelis have a system for tracking mobile phones they use for counter-terror, and they employed it to track coronavirus spread. I don’t know anything about specifics of their law though. I am concerned about any app where you legally sign your right to privacy away by agreeing to Terms of Service.

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“Data is the new oil”… Google and Apple are seeing a way to get around privacy laws with these apps. From the descriptions I have heard the people who have tested positive for COVODI-19 would voluntarily “flag” themselves on their phone app. Then if your phone is in proximity to a “flagged” phone you will be alerted. With the lack of testing, people who don’t know they are sick, and human nature to either not flag themselves or flag themselves falsely this app will be worthless. But Apple and Google will have tracking info on you… and they have a long history of abusing data they have collected.

It is the case many of us were just so appreciative of the ability to reach out and know we were never out of reach. The hand off from cell to cell and the ability to triangulate by signal strength between three towers or more, all available with calculations which would have taken a human the best part of a day was instantly done by the computers controlling the system. As well as handset id, account assigned, owner of contract, and later who in the group that owner authorized to use each handset, the computers not only allowed the Company offering the service ability to operate and bill; it also allowed our governments and initially the law enforcement agencies the ability, now in real time, to identify, triangulate, track, and intercept, any person of interest who carries such electronic devices.

Yep, as @Greg1 remarks now not only the governments of the world are intensely interested, anyone who has a business idea involving data mining is fighting to have access. And with @DBrogue relates it may well be a better level of life and freedom to “live without”. In an old TV series called Max Headroom: Blank is Beautiful! Blank is Beautiful!

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LOL, imagine those store merchandise lickers bumping into as many people as they can, then flagging themselves in the app. No OC in the face, no arrest, just pure fun, thanks to Google :slight_smile:

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Yes, voluntary for now with the phone tracing.

What if they do get a quick test, and say come down your block every day or week, testing. Then give you a “card” that says you are free to go. Or, say they come up with a vaccine, and that is the only way to get a ‘card’, and that is required to get gas/groceries/etc.

I think you will find that most people will accept it and carry on, as we have already seen. Heck, the neighbor across the street I have learned is one of the finger pointing, screeching, body snatcher types. :frowning:

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AT&T tower crashed near work today. I had no phone or internet from 930 to 4:30. I could live that way to ensure my freedoms.


You would think, being Montana, that we would be insulated from that sort of thinking…


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‘Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.’ The quote is most likely due to writer and philosopher George Santayana , and in its original form it read, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

I would say this about sums it up.


Of course Fauci likes this idea! He’s buddy buddy with Bill Gates & we know his agenda :angry:. I believe we have sacrificed enough of our FREEDOM with these mobile devices (aka tracking devices). :v:t5:

Assuming you have a cell phone on all the time…

Hopefully said cell is off on a schedule you’ve agreed to with the person who acts as your agent for all others to contact you. And, the phone doesn’t have a capacitive battery to keep it going when the battery is drained or removed.:kissing_heart:

Or you buy many disposables and have a one sheet for said agent.

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