Family of "Brownshirts"

See, it’s been talked about in that other thread about “A current civil war” There won’t be a group above and below the Mason Dixon line, it will be urban vs rural, neighborhood against neighborhood, house vs house, work cubical against work cubical, and worst of all uncle against niece, brother against brother. It could be very sad.


That is unfortunately the way most forums go.

I am still on a completely private fishing forum. Most of the members are charter boat captains or guides. At the beginning, people were sharing “secret” spots, water temps, migratory fish movement, etc. Over time, enough recreational folk got on and all that went away. I was initially given access to the secret of the secret tabs, but because I am not out there every day, I lost those privileges. Now those tabs don’t even show up on my login, so don’t know if they are still active or not.

The other tough part is figuring out a qualification strategy for who gets in the private area, and what triggers removing them.


When it was first started it was much more engaging. Smaller groups, easier to keep up with. It was fun talking about very heated topics without name calling and demeaning people. Arguments had more substance othe then product X sucks cause I dont like it.


I’m with you. I have trouble posting when the audience is not as trustworthy as it was.


I’ve asked Dawn to create a members only forum.
I would like one place I can go besides the range where I don’t have to argue with people who have no manners.


I think it’s easy here. Member only. DId you pay your dues? No? Bbye.


Forced disparity of rule enforcement, and quiet take-overs. Brown shirt 101

It started years ago with science magazines I read at the time. It would dawn on me as I read that I was actually being presented with arguments in support of hot button issues of the time, and that the “science” being presented was just a thinly veiled prop, twisted to suit the real intent of the article. Three, and eventually a fourth, “science” magazine had to be abandoned as each in turn was discovered to have been quietly taken over by “new ownership” and reformed or, repurposed.
In recent times more major institutions have gone through the same kind of “quiet reformation” and soon were destroyed as the trust and credibility was used up, corporate raider style" , spent like ammunition fired at a target. My former news source was used this way and spent it’s credibility, Trojan horse style, trying to influence the electorate whose trust they held, their loyal customers not knowing that they had switched loyalties behind the scenes.
Here, the drive-by posters, if they made the right claims, and self-identified as being of the right social groups ( which was the dead give-away they were always sure to employ to get a special kind of advantage and a “presumed credibility” ) would likewise use that false status and credibility to put out the anti-1A,2A messaging until they too were outed for what they really were. All the while taking advantage of the deference we were sure to give them.

I don’t think it’s the USCCA, or the regular members here who have caused the quiet, these are some great folks, I think it’s that a lot of us have taken pause in all of our activities while we wait to see how much more has already been compromised, and to what degree. Those who oppose the first and second amendments don’t play by the rules, and so far, pay no penalties either. The problem is, the brown shirts we are dealing with don’t wear their shirt, they pose and pretend as being innocent or trustworthy, as a primary technique. That would give anyone pause, even in one’s own extended family.


Yep… sort of easy in that regard.

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The mission of the Community is to help educate everyone who is interested in protecting themselves and their loved ones. We’ve always known that the people who are against self-defense will come to the Community and we will have to address them from time to time.

However, respectful conversation about our differences can help show people that we are responsibly armed Americans and are here to learn, not to fight.

That’s what the flagging system is for. Some people genuinely do not know or understand the details of legal self-defense. Some come here to instigate. If it is assumed that all are here to instigate, a lot of people who are looking for help will be alienated.

Broad generalizations are something that a lot of you have been upset about when it comes to comments people have made about those who carry firearms. Please don’t make the mistake of putting those who don’t know or have different views into an alienating broad generalization. Finding common ground with others will help us all learn how to best protect ourselves and our loved ones.

And it can still be that way, but we all have to safeguard the conversations and not let our emotions dictate our reactions. If name-calling starts, flag the comment and the moderators will deal with the situation. Do not return the nastiness.

USCCA Members are as diverse as the people who come to this Community. As stated in our Community Guidelines, all viewpoints are welcome here if they are expressed respectfully. Please utilize the flagging system if there is disrespectful behavior and it will be addressed. Not having the same viewpoint is not disrespectful behavior.

As this thread has gone completely off-topic, it is closed.

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