Fairytale of Gun Control

One thing that kept coming to my mind is that the villain in every Disney story is seeking to, in some way, control others. The Evil Queen from Snow White wants to take the lives of those who simply want to enjoy the beauty of love, freedom, and happiness. The Wicked Sorcerer wants to enslave or kill those who are simply living their lives. Some of the villains are male, some are female, and others are dragons or even snakes.

Regardless of their form, the one thing they have in common is their desire to control and take something from someone doing them no harm. I couldn’t help but reflect on how I’ve felt this way at times as a Responsibly Armed Citizen who simply wants to protect and defend what I love.

The people who want to chip away at our freedom to keep and bear arms seek what feels like a similar type of control over your life and mine. Oftentimes it comes with a “pretty face” or dressed up in some fashion that makes it challenging to disagree. They call it “smart gun laws,” or “common sense gun control,” and tell you it is “for the children.”

In the world of Disney and fairytales, the antagonists and adversaries often cast their spells using cleverly worded phrases and rhetoric to trick well-meaning people into mindlessly nodding their heads in agreement. In the same way, those who attempt to restrict gun ownership are like modern-day pied-pipers, they siren call their way into the words that spew from the mouths of our favorite Hollywood actors and feisty young politicians. And those of us who haven’t fallen under the spell are oftentimes painted with the brush of being small-minded social outcasts who love our guns more than our children.

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Continue fighting for our Constitutional Rights. Our love of Right to Keep and Bar Arms (part of the Constitution) is to protect ourselves, family, INCLUDING CHILDREN, and others from CRIMINALS who are KILLING whomever INCLUDING CHILDREN! ENFORCE GUN CONTROL ON FELONY CRIMINALS WHO SHOULD NOT POSSESS FIREARMS! NOT on law-abiding citizens!


In these conversations, when I absolutely have to be involved, I often say.
OK, I’ll give you the 2nd amendment but for it I get the 4th or the 5th or the 9th or the 10th, all of which can be considered as dangerous to citizens as the 2nd. Not surprisingly, 99.99% of the people have no ducking idea what I’m taking about.


I can not tell you how many college kids I would talk to, who could not tell me what rights were enumerated in the Bill of Rights, or make the distinction that it was the Government being forbidden from violating those rights.


That’s quite true. In the past U.S. citizens were polled on whether they would vote for the verbiage contained in one of the itemized rights and in too high a percentage most retorted that the right discussed sounded like communism or were insistent they would never vote such an idea into law. Along those line, just yesterday I read the results of a query of voters on whether the government should institute price controls to rein in inflation. Over 50% of all three groups, Dems, Repubs and Independors agreed that the government should institute price controls to rein in hyperinflation such as we are experiencing. Apparently there is an extremely large group of folks in this country who do not realize that hyperinflation is caused by the goober mint constantly spending money that is non-existent. It’s not the printing presses running day and night, it is the computer busily adding zeros to the national debt. Basic tenet of economics: any time there is too much of something it’s value declines in relation to the abundance. Also applies to governments.


I posted this on here before. When I was living in WA I saw this beater car with a young woman driving. On the rear bumper it had a sticker that said:

Who needs civil rights, I wasn’t using them anyways

The stupidity of the sticker is beyond belief.