Extreme Political Movements - discussion

The REAL extreme political movements we still face today is fascism and communism. Fascism is the extreme form of socialism which is nationalist in scope - communism is worldwide in scope. A socialist is someone who has nothing, and insists on sharing it with you - a communist has nothing, insists on sharing it with you, and backs up this insistence at gunpoint. “NAZI” is an abbreviation of “National Socialist German Workers Party” - and definitely represents how extreme fascism can evolve over time. FYI


Details don’t matter much. All these folks have a need to belong to something glorious. They all want what they don’t have, can’t get on their own. Used to be the American dream, that’s not enough for them. Mostly young & foolish. No God, no morals not even a creed to live by.


Here we go again. History repeating itself because the young did not learn history and the old egging them on. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


LOL, you don’t know that Fidel Castro was a billionaire, that Bernie Sanders is a multimillionaire, or the recent news about marxist burn-looter turning out to own 4 mansions?
You correctly compared national-socialism (nazism) to international-socialism (communism), same robbery and enslavement, different excuses.


Remember Yasser Arafat? When he died, he was said to have a personal fortune of $100M, and a daughter attending the Sorbonne in Paris. If his people had learned of the money stolen from them, they would’ve torn him apart. Surprise, surprise, surprise! I heard that 60% of employees in Israeli factories are Palestinians, and THEY certainly don’t want any more unrest. FYI


Now that Biden’s lefties are in control I expect the ban of Cuba to be lifted so we can get some cigars & rum. It’s the only thing he could do correctly. At least when our country goes to hell we can enjoy a smoke.

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