Explosion of concealed handguns means

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Explosion of concealed handguns means someone nearby is carrying

Story by Paul Bedard • 5h

The tripling of people with concealed gun permits combined with the majority of states that no longer license owners who want to carry means that someone near you right now is likely packing heat.

“It is very likely that any place that allows people to carry a concealed handgun will have someone carrying their gun,” said a new report shared with Secrets from John R. Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center.

Lott has long followed the explosion in government-issued concealed carry permits. His 74-page report said that the percentage of people carrying guns rose from 5.4% in 2017 to 15.6% today.

Overall, he said, there are 21.8 million permits issued. That’s a decrease of 0.5% from last year.

But that’s not bad news for proponents of the Second Amendment and concealed carry laws.

Lott explained that the leveling off of permits is likely due to the surge in states that now allow citizens to carry their handguns without a permit. The growth of so-called constitutional carry states has reached 27 and is the biggest story in the gun world.

“In other words, people in those 27 states are allowed to carry concealed handguns without permits, representing 65% of the land in the country and 44% of the population in 2022,” his report said. “It is clear that more people are legally carrying".

“What does this mean in practice? It means that in most places where people are allowed to carry a concealed handgun, there will be someone carrying a concealed handgun. If the probability that any one person has a concealed handgun permit is 5.4%, in a room with 10 people, the probability that at least one person will have a permitted concealed handgun is 43%. In a room with 20 people, that probability goes up to 67%. With 40, that probability rises to 89%,” the report said.

The growth follows the surge in violent crime and increase in gun ownership in America, where for the first time a majority say that they live in gun-owning homes. The state permitting data his team reviewed found that black permitting is up 223%, Asian 163%, and women 23%.

He also said that in states where there is a high number of concealed carriers, crime is down.


I sometimes look around and wonder how many guns are close by. Occasionally I actually see one or two. I would guess that here in Utah his numbers are probably pretty close.


Love the Article BRUCE, but just ‘Exploding’ out of my head this morning Mr. Lott needed (74) pages to say what I copied and pasted in (2) seconds?
No step on snek


They call them wordsmiths and numbers crunchers. :slightly_smiling_face:


Clint Smith has often advocated that people train with a variety of guns, and not just their favorite carry piece. “What makes you think you’ll fight with the gun you brought?” he often says.

With more people carrying, it’s not a stretch to imagine a scenario where you must pick up an odd-ball gun that you are not familiar with (like my Hi Power with an SFS system installed) and have to figure out how to quickly check its functionality and engage with it.

…and Politicians!

never say a one word Quotable when you can turn it into an entire speech!
Ich bin ein Amerikanski!


I always look around and try to make an assessment of whom I expect is carrying. Sometimes it’s obvious, when I spot a sneaky pete holster, otherwise I’m just “profiling” people based on how they’re carrying themselves, or how theyre dressed, or looking for printing.


I ALWAYS look around. Observe and Profile.
That’s how I stayed alive for (63) years.
I listen to My Angels and when those hairs
stand up I go Condition Red.
If they look OK and look my way I nod to them
like a fellow WARRIOR would passing each other on a lonely road.
People usually smile back w/ that knowing we belong to the same club.
It’s a comfort knowing I am not alone in this fight.

No step on snek


I just take for granted that the vast majority of citizens here in MS are carrying. Which to me, is comforting.