EVs failing?

The fact that the automatic has 10 gears allows for much closer ratios which help keep the engine in the power band better after each shift compared to the 6-speed manuals in those cars. Modern automatics also shift quicker than even a pro can in a manual keeping the loss of fwd momentum to a minimum when shifting. I have a tuned '13 GT, manual, which is pretty quick. My son bought a '20 ecoboost automatic and I was thoroughly impressed with how quick it is off the line.


Put headlights on ANYTHING and a deer will jump out in front of it! :grinning:


Actually given some time I may go back to post them. I had the same objections to the videos when I watched them. How did they counter? Tuning of the transmission in stock form is poorly done, they also cited the Camaro. Like the Ford Chevy debate I am certain we could easily venture into those waters!

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Last Saturday.


1904 the Duyea Brothers drove the first internal combustion engine car according to a local TV station, with a spot called “This Day In History.” Their automobile manufacturing company has been history for quite a while now.