Evils enacted under the guise of "policy" and now "Executive Order"

Not sure that there is real value in dueling definitions to advance the purposes of USCCA. A simple retort is contained within the citation offered by Robert5 as Merriam-Webster’s commentary on the use in language, part of which follows:

…[Socialism] refers to a system of social organization in which private property and the distribution of income are subject to social control, but the conception of that control has varied, and the term has been interpreted in widely diverging ways, ranging from statist to libertarian, from Marxist to liberal…[G]enerally English speakers use communism to talk about the political and economic ideologies that find their origin in Karl Marx’s theory of revolutionary socialism, which advocates a proletariat overthrow of capitalist structures within a society… Socialism, meanwhile, is most often used in modern English to refer to a system of social organization in which private property and the distribution of income are subject to social control.

More in-depth discussions of what the word really means are not hard to find, for those curious about why people don’t mean Stalin, CCP, oppression, state appropriation, etc when they say “socialism”:
Wikipedia – Socialism
Brookings – Socialism: A short primer
Gallup – The Meaning of Socialism to Americans Today
Or, if you really want to get into the weeds, you can explore how the values of socialism grew from Utilitarianism.

Or we can go on pretending that the Cold War/Red Scare filters used to obscure the merits and weaknesses of political and economic systems remain relevant today. :thinking: Everybody gets a vote.

I am not sure that this is even about socialism. To me this is about a growing “rule by force” that is not rightly regulated by we the people. What name you give it, what banner is above it, is rather unimportant compared to the realization of what is happening in or nations governance.

We are already witness to how this socialist? push is working out. To call what is going on bullying is to put too kind a face on it. As we speak the weight of our government is being applied to parents so they will not object to the mental conditioning of their children against their will. Government acts in partnership with big business allies to control peoples speech, what they can hear, and know, and even what is, or is not, put in their bodies. Blackmail and coercion are becoming commonplace, tools that are now used against the public. And this, is only the beginning!

Socialist may not claim the current events as their own, what is being done is going under so many different names that anyone put on the spot can always claim that they are not " one of those" even though they support " some of those" under excuse that anything is better than the alternative. An alternative so falsely labeled and described, that few if any of it’s opponents, have any truthful concept of what it is, much less why.

The very idea of truth has been undermined with " personal truth ", or, the assertion that there are no absolute truths, but this is madness. Without the truth, and the ability to identify it as such, good decisions are not possible to make. Without good decision making, life it self, let alone a healthy government, are impossible to assure.

I get that the supporters of all this change, feel that their goals are worth the " temporary brutality " they are willing to utilize to achieve them, but this also fails, because what you are doing is creating another set of victims with the same " justifications " that were used against them. When you argue this current philosophy of change to this inevitable way point, out will come the excuse for every injustice they embrace on the way to their goals. I will pause and emphasize this, by way of saying that I have carefully and calmly argued this, at length, with proponents of all that is happening.

The telling remark that is again and again resorted too, when the inequities of their own tactics and practices are pointed out, is this. " Well, it’s our turn " — and there the elephant in the room is exposed and shown to be, that this is not really about eliminating evils, but rather a self-serving fairness, one willing to accept no more achievement than to put the perceived shoe of evils on the other foot, complete, it turns out, with copious amounts of payback.

Much of what is being done is indefensible. Hence, all the befuddling of fundamental elements like truth, the definitions of words, and interpretations of convenience that defy rational thought. But, this too fails, because of one of those truths that so often interfere.

The trap of the noble warrior, is that if you become evil in your battles against evil, then even if you are victorious, nothing is gained, because the evil remains.


The question is simpler if we ask the simple question. How much of what one person works hard for is another person’s fair share? If one builds a house does anyone that refuses to build deserve a room in that house? One of the reasons many of us have joined USCCA is in case we are accosted by those that don’t believe that what we have should be private. If one believes in defending there property against those that would take a share by force are they not anti socialist? To many of us charity is not charity unless given freely. If someone else takes it even to give away it is coercion.

We at this point have reached the Rubicon.


“…paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does, indeed, exist. It’s called prison.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County Sheriff


Sheriff Arpaio is short-changing himself with a mayoral bid. He is good to be a Governor of any state.


Hello DS-1! I could not agree with you more, with your extremely well written and incisive post. My wife and I have no children after our so far 33 years of happily married life’s together. Back in the beginning we decided not to have any because we could both see, even back then in the late 80’s how things in this world are not getting better. So no that we have both reached retirement, with a modest retirement income, with a fairly new home that’s ours after a long career for each of us. We are both heavily released at our long ago decision. Oh we have plenty of nieces and nephews to spoil an love, that we have decided to leave everything we have at the end of our lives to, with each getting an equal share, as of now. But that could change if any of them were to ever step up if either of us need their help later on when we get older and might need some extra help. But we feel very sorry for them and their children, with the way things are getting! Especially when you consider that more than half of them are also very liberal and see nothing wrong.


Thank you @KevinV . It’s hard to believe what’s happening. I even read that the reason there are no legal challenges to this mandate as of yet, is that no mandate has yet been passed down. It was just a press release threatening one, a threat that corporate lawyers felt was " wonderful cover " for what they had already wanted to do! Imagine that, governance by press release and threat, threat they don’t even have to carry out in order to gain the hoped for response. And then it can’t even be challenged, because it hasn’t actually been done yet. Like the vaccine approval that wasn’t an actual approval of anything yet taken or available, just for something “virtually the same”. What is all this subterfuge? How can anyone, young or old, think it’s ok?


Stupidity and hypocrisy. Last year execs at my liberal employer went bananas pledging allegiance to social justice, diversiry and inclusion. Mandate announced, they did say employees were anxious and asking questions, but they didn’t have anything to say until all details of the new regulations are clear. How about vaccination status diversity? I guess, pledges of equity and inclusion are worthless when execs lack a spine.


But it seems you believe your “vote” is the only right one, to the detriment of all others’ views here. Pretending about “Cold War Scare filters”? That is quite an unusual theory that I have not heard advanced by anyone, as the USA’s efforts stop the spread of Communism/Socialism that the Chinese and USSR was funding by providing arms and armed personnel was real - not “theory” and not pretend.

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So, your vote is that the one and only definition for socialism was cast in stone when it served a particular purpose during the 1950s. Fine. Noted. I disagree, and I believe with good and expressed reasoning. That’s not to anyone’s detriment.

Carry on.

Where did I state that? Debate what I stated, not what you claim I stated.

Thank you for this video. I tried to renew my passport a few months ago but it had expired. So I had to wait several months to finally get the new one after I applied. I didn’t even realize that it would come in handy when I purchased a new rifle. I almost didn’t apply many months ago. When I showed my license, I was denied by the FFL because of some stupid law. So my passport was the only document that I could use, but it hadn’t arrived yet and the waiting period was about to expire. I got the passport on a Friday and went to the FFL on the last day of the waiting period, the next day. I’m thankful now that I have the passport but I will not submit to so~called vaccines to travel to another country or to return to this one if I’m able to successfully travel outside of the U.S. Getting there might be easier than returning to the U.S. I was waiting to go to Eastern Europe for work and travel but the pandemic changed all that. I wanted to travel again because it has been a very long time since I’ve been anywhere abroad. I lived in East Asia for 13 years and I had a wonderful time there, but I still would rather be here than anywhere else during these tumultuous times. Even though, there are aspects of the country I lived in that were superior to the U.S., and I miss them very much. If I was married to a native of the country I planned to live in, then that would be an advantage and more reasonable to live there. But there are priorities that must be fulfilled even if we don’t like them. For example, taking care of an aging parent. For some of us it’s not even a question. Others are married and their wife or husband is their priority. That’s understandable and necessary. Sometimes what seems to be a hindrance really isn’t. But since we have to give up things in life, most of them temporary, it’s sometimes hard to see what we’re doing as valuable and even necessary. Hindsight is 20 20 in most cases. Only years later in retrospect do we often understand why the least desirable choice was the best one. I would love to move to a free state to be able to exercise my right to bear arms outside of my home. There are a myriad of reasons I would love to leave, and possibly move overseas. I’m the kind of person that thrives in foreign cultures but sometimes we have to make uncomfortable decisions because it’s not just about us anymore. I struggle with many things like this daily but I also know that they’re tests. Certain incidents or experiences serve as clues to validate and substantiate why I’m still in a certain place and time when I’d rather be somewhere else. Those experiences aren’t always revealing at first. But later after thinking about them they become like pieces of a puzzle that remind me why I continue to do what might be very uncomfortable and dull. It’s like being in a thick fog and trying to find my way. Suddenly and only at the right moment after struggling, I see a stepping stone in front of the one I’m on standing on. It’s not easy to keep moving along, because often times I have to stop for a while to find the path that’s obscured. But every now and then those clues tell me that I’m on the right path. That’s faith and hope.

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