Evils enacted under the guise of "policy" and now "Executive Order"

I think in recent times people have been confused as to definitions of liberalism, socialism, etc.
Some degree of government regulation is necessary, FDA and EPA have their uses. But there is a line, where regulations become malignant.
By the same token, economic equation has two sides, the labor side, and the capital side. They both should be able to weigh in on their relationship. This is not socialism.
Funny, even unbalanced domination of labor in the above example is not socialism as it had been implemented time and again. Socialism of Stalin, Mao, AOC is a total sham, a robbery of productive people on either side of the economic equation by criminals. Eg, Stalin robbed banks before becoming a revolutionary.


DS-1: You have articulated well what maybe many of us have felt and understood for some many years now. It does take some seasoning to understand these things properly and also continue with their legacy.

I believe with all my heart in Jesus as my savior and America as the place of great opportunity presented to us by all those who worked so hard to preserve and defend it for me and mine. God, I believe, is probably pretty angry right now at what we’ve allowed to happen with treasures He provides through His love for all men. We may be living in the end times predicted in writings we find. There is a devil. The devil does not make things happen directly, but tries to influence men towards evil decisions using free will God provides. Lately, maybe he’s been winning. Eventually, he will lose. Others follow their modernist, progressive (read regressive,) or socialist (read communist) secular humanism religion. Evil has become policy due to our failures keeping it in check. Joe McCarthy was dead-on correct, but today those he feared in Hollywood and elsewhere are running things for the proles.

I don’t mean to preach my personal religion here or change subject discussion-only to show point of view from my personal perspective. You are correct that our system requires a moral people, and “is inadequate for any other” I think John Adams wrote-(reading of any founders writings proves their comparative brilliance-in my view). I had to find it but remember that quote from my youth. I’m old now and beginning to learn from my own mistakes. It may be too late for me, but my main objective as a father raising children with my wonderful wife was to pass on appreciation to those young behind me in my charge a love for God and country. What gets into my craw is that we’re stealing optimism from our youth and dividing them so very efficiently. We suffered much in our time and managed to survive carving our own small corner without government assistance (I’d like to think, at least). But ‘suffer’ means much less now than it has in the past-as always it’s dangerous to judge the past with today’s evolving use of his story as facts managed or disparaged to harm a given perceived fault. Those in my family during WWII grew up during the great depression, yet they either volunteered and/or were drafted into military service and numbered 13 last I counted. My mothers’ elder brother was lost at 19 as and officer in the Army Air Corp over Germany. She never recovered from this loss. One Uncle had earned the Bronze Star (2 X) and I only learned of this a few years ago, when he was alive he never said a word about it. Another Uncle also was involved somehow prepping the Atomic bomb on Tinian Island, also just learned of this many years after his passing. My father was in the south Pacific during WWII and the Korean conflict, called back from reserves, as his brother also was. Grandfather too, had been drafted but was discharged before his unit shipped out. How my Grandmother survived with her husband and both her two sons away during war, I’ve never known, but there were many many more just like her. Those they loved were kissed goodbye at one point, with no promise of return. I didn’t have to do that and so can claim no understanding of that emotion: emotion is now oh-so-important to modern snowflakes harmed by a perceived ‘micro-aggression’ when seeing an American flag or a crucifix. Pregnancy is considered 'a disease…of a ‘person’ in CDC terms. I cannot understand how so many in position of power in this government could prove by their actions such a vehement hatred for their country and its people. Its laws, language, culture and essentials of decency are violated on so many levels they can’t be followed or quantified any longer. Apparently it was all part of the plan to attack knowledge, religion and history with so many arrows it cannot survive. We see this in the internet bombarding us each daily with a billion times a billion factoids, true or not matters not anymore, as discerning right from wrong is an overwhelming almost impossible task. There is no way to sift through the lies. Elections will never matter again if communists do both the counting and the paying and remain unchecked.

No, the president can make policy, and has for many years through executive actions that seem now so far out of control, but he cannot make law. Law is made by congress, judged by courts and then supposed to be enforced by the executive branch; any 11 year old knew this when I was young, as Civics were still taught then. Learning required commitment and investment. This was when I had to walk or ride a bus or bicycle to the library to research one subject for a paper, now it’s a few clicks, from anywhere, and facts aren’t facts on the other end. Big tech is on the other end. Easy peasy. Wiki-geniuses abound. Today little kids get fat, earning early diabetes and heart disease, yet we’re telling them they can’t go outside to play in the sun, get exercise and place a tired head on the pillow at night?

Duty, honor, country. Pray for America, pray for those in Afghanistan, or anywhere we’ve abandoned, pray for the innocents murdered every day. Pray for the soldier. Pray for those before us who gave us what we have squandered, and that it’s recovered.


I often think of the pain soldiers and their families must feel when they see kids, and foolish adults, throwing away the work and sacrifice, so often paid in blood, that gave them the freedom they are now so miserably abusing, and destroying.

What I struggle to understand is the treachery of so many of our teachers and professors. To the point is it now that they are getting caught telling others how to hide what they are teaching, from parents!. Where did they ever get the idea they has such a right???

Do they not know this has been tried before? Do they not know the terrible results?

It’s like an old trick, or an old conn, where once enough time has passed, you can once again play the trick on a new crop of people who were not around the last time it was used.


Executive orders and policy are just excuses, cheap excuses, to get around the barriers erected to prevent abuse. They work because it takes large numbers of us to oppose them in unison. Hence the big tech censorship, blacklisting, and banning. They prevent us from even knowing how many of us feel the same, thereby short circuiting an appropriate response. The big tech assault of information and communication control is perhaps one of the greatest threats our nation has ever faced. You can’t respond to what you don’t know about, or don’t correctly understand!


The “progressive traitors” call for defunding the police while pouring money into the Capitol Police. Thousands of police officers are ready to resign over the vaccine mandate. In my opinion this is part of the plan to make crime and violence surge to create a cry for enforcement. Sell your freedom for false security. I am doubting there will be a midterm election and if there is it will be rigged.
India has 1.2 billion people. 400 million are voters and every one of them has a voter ID.


DS-1, That was a good read…
I liked reading your post. 100% agree.
And I worry about my Grandchildren…


techs, The things you like, indeed are aspects of our our society, but that doesn’t mean they are built upon “socialist values.” Socialism is about centralized control of the means of production.

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Thank you Sir. I appreciate kind word. It’s a very sad thing to me that we have to think so carefully about what we might say in support of our country. I hoped I would never see such times in my lifetime.

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As have I!! As a U.S. Marine for life who fought and bled in Vietnam and lost numerous friends
-FOREVER- I am ready and willing to die once again for my country. God Bless America!! Semper Fi Forever!


Nice post, @DS-1.

Jürgen Moltmann is a German theologian who wrestled with the problems of freedom, equality, and economic prosperity, among other things. All three together may not be attainable due to the very nature of the universe and/or and the nature/failings of man.

“Let me start with a story. At the birthday of the Modern World three good fairies came and brought their good wishes. The first brought freedom, the second equality, and the third prosperity. But in the evening of that same day the evil witch came and said: ‘You can have only two of the three wishes fulfilled: Choose.’ So the Western Modern World chose freedom and prosperity and never reached equality, and the Eastern Modern World chose equality and prosperity and never found freedom, and the philosophers and theologians chose for their Ideal Modern World freedom and equality and never gained any prosperity.” – Jürgen Moltmann

If he’s correct, I still favor the western world view.


My first year of college in a Medieval European History entry-level class, I had a ‘professor’ who, on the first day of class while describing the requirements/syllabus etc. suddenly announced that he was a “Marxist”, and would be “teaching the class from a Marxist perspective”, that “if we didn’t like it”, we “could drop the class now”. This was 1971. I didn’t think much of it at the time, and later I learned the ‘professor’ had shortened his surname to Anglicize it a bit, maybe ashamed of his heritage for some reason. This was strange to me, but I stayed in the class of maybe 400-500 students. In looking back now I wonder how many he had tried to influence in his ways over many years of teaching at the university. He also expressed a personal hatred for the church of Rome, so too, one could leave if offended. This is and was my church, but I needed to learn, was actually interested in the subject matter, and needed the credit. I made it through the class ok, though always remembered that first day. I think the situation (teaching in general, now inclusive down to preschool in similar fashion) has probably worsened since then dramatically, as one of our children has been going through a state University the last few years, and has passed some stories to me in similar regard. On a family visit to the University, I noticed signs all over campus advertising an upcoming visit and ‘lecture’ by one very famous 1960’s anarchist, who earned great fame many years ago as a revolutionary communist, and if I remember correctly once a presidential candidate. Apparently this person still earns a living preaching similar things-which is her right-but it troubles me that I really believe that a person of the opposite in extreme values - I couldn’t remember or name, especially one who professes separation and division, hatred and racism (TRUE racism, not the nouveau type all encompassing adjective/verb/noun/pejorative it has become) as does and has she. I assume she’s probably in a greatly respected position still ‘teaching’ somewhere, as are many others similar to her, some of whom were professional anarchists, mailing bombs and creating general mayhem years ago for fun, and now profit. Now there are similar folks doing similar things, yet they are promoted, and funded by both government and large businesses who value appearance enough to write large checks for rabid and violent extremists.

This is beyond my ability to understand in the current world dominated by modern control measures foisted by those same party affiliations and funding using a disease researched in part by American tax dollars, now encircling the world in also manufactured fear: mass confusion, extreme (but ‘FREE’ to everyone excepting your grandchildren) expense, intended on the destruction of capitalism, and again the worst part, control. It’s shown to be 95-maybe 99% survivable and one needs a test to even know if they are a ‘carrier’ as with other viruses (or bacterias which are living things with different characteristics) that we all hold resident until they manifest themselves or erupt in some way. In the U.S. the one in front of the cameras as its medical research scientist and leader who I believe was in the same position many years ago at the outbreak of HIV, for which there is still no ‘vaccine’ and also notably the behaviors most likely to cause infection were not mandated in restrictions enforced by federal or state government, airlines, schools, etc. Maybe this was due to the political implications and the type of behavior, I will never know. It is a disease that was originally considered fatal, yet we have learned over the years to treat the symptoms with drugs extending lifetimes to near-normal. Thankfully, at least we respect life in this regard.

There seems no current government interest in treatment of this newly manufactured virus, only a quickly produced vaccine, and the vaccine will not prevent one from getting or transmitting the disease, but is promoted as such by liberal miscreants that suppress the opinions and facts presented by those who disagree. I as one conservative appreciate that all have a right to voice their opinion and their understanding of facts. I appreciate, to a point, that they are there; so we may learn from them. (I occasionally will listen to NPR radio, if only to hear what the enemy thinks, and this can be helpful!) An open mind though, is not currently something liberals seem to understand, and a closed mind is one that’s hard to change. I grew up in a time when liberals and conservatives were not always far apart, they just disagreed on the road travelled. Our 1960 President was considered a liberal in his day, in today’s world he would be a hated and disparaged right-wing neo-con. The spectrum has since shifted so very far left it’s unrecognizable. I listen carefully for keywords of abused modern language peppered with ‘social justice’, ‘healthcare or reproductive rights’, ‘diversity and equity’ , ‘inclusion’… etc. All moral people probably fancy ourselves similarly as seekers of truth and justice for all. Today’s world does not allow opposed opinions, as the federal government is making very, very fast motions to control all those who oppose in a very big way. They’re doing this simply after learning how easy it is to control those in whom they’ve induced fear over the last almost 2 years. Goebbels-esque control is working, for some, for now. Do people remember what Communism did to and East and West Berlin? Now it’s happening in Washington D.C. which is being ‘protected’, from those very citizens they are sworn and charged to protect, and have legal right to petition for redress of their government (in the constitution) without fear.

Federal government prints money, states cannot, federal government is making many ‘mandates’ without legal authority. Now the federal government is trying to also control the pharmaceutical industry even more, in metering medicine doses with therapeutic value to 'preferred or ‘compliant’ states. Yet, many doctors fear administration of these proven therapeutic, and inexpensive, drugs. This is an absolute travesty that inverts Hippocratic moral code thousands of years old. They have also been made to fear.

Unproven vaccines whose manufacturers were protected from financial harm created something that provides very limited protection from a virus that overwhelming majorities will or likely already have had and ‘recovered’ from. Cash incentive rewards are very large. No need to prove efficacy as with other drugs that if I remember cost about a billion dollars to please the FDA. ‘HIPPA’ law (a horrible killer on it’s own) was intentionally violated many ways: if one received a vaccine, it was not necessary to be first prescribed by their physician knowing their medical history and records were and are shared with other government entities, as well as ones employer, and in my case, my hospital chart. HIPPA law provides for severe financial penalties for violators, except for now.

All see this now, and the trouble is we have only ourselves to blame for allowing too much leash. Our brilliant constitution was so near perfect that those who assembled it so long ago recognized future potential in society (because they understood history!) and allowed for amendments to adapt it with future need, but it has been abused so long, so severely that it’s no longer understood nor appreciated by large numbers with minds of mush who only need to feel protected in every possible want and need by government - excepting protection from foreign enemies. Those new party members are quickly given goody bags and a trip to some unsuspecting American city, without any vaccine mandates required of U.S. citizens, but vastly improving their lot, and maybe it’s a dream come true. In the past, poor ancestors struggled too, but sought opportunity and freedom only. Today, citizens of non-preferred classification will comply or suffer very severe and painful consequences affecting education and travel, work, housing, taxes, food and healthcare and the cost of each. An unelected bureaucrat somewhere will decide what one needs to do, with no responsibility nor care.

Nothing is new in this to anyone with even limited history knowledge. Our constitution provides for the people’s ability and duty to limit government, not the other way around. We are republic, not a democracy. I try to thank God, and any soldier I may meet, for my blessings, every day.


This is what it takes to build a strong society — for people with different backgrounds, different perspectives, different opinions, and even different values, to seek common ground whenever they can — and to respect difference when they cannot.

Not everyone will observe those customs — and they will lead this country to destruction if we follow their path of sowing conflict whenever there is not unanimity.

I believe you are confusing socialism with Marxist communism. Not the same.

Robert… Nice Read…
The last two paragraphs… I found very well articulated and well stated.

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Very well written and I agree wholly as we do indeed roll over and accept the unacceptable just to get along


Thanks for the kind words.

We are in extraordinary times-but I suppose my parents might have said similar things spending childhood years in depression, surviving (literally) two wars and enjoying the fruits of their labors in their last years despite it all. Today we just learn about things much faster than before, and the things we are allowed to learn are much easier to manipulate by those with control of the master keyboard.

The capitalism engine of the 1950’s (and my early days) brought more prosperity to more people of ALL stations in life than any before, and it survived due in large part to American effort that could not likely be duplicated again today. We no longer have the ability in ‘infrastructure’ or patriotism of all who would love the gift of America. It comes at large cost, and though not wealthy by any stretch, our family ‘did ok’ by working very long hours and sometimes multiple jobs.(I remember when our teenage son was still in High School and working, as was his Mom and I, we had to file seven W-2’s with the I R S, and bureaucrats were on the other end deciding how much of our earned income we would be allowed to keep-that was an eye-opener).

There is current political effort underway to simply ‘absorb’ all the wealth of our country, savings, real estate, businesses and retirement funds-because even the politicians controlling the insane spending realize it as unsustainable. I’m glad in some ways most of my elders are long gone not able to see this now (maybe they watch) as they invested so very much more than I, who was given a good life in the greatest country.

Maybe someday, if the pendulum swings back the other way before crashing, our children can fix what we’ve harmed, I had only wanted, all my life, to be able to provide for them a bit of the opportunity and freedom I have enjoyed all my days. Nothing is ‘free’.


I believe what we are seeing today is an attempt by the left wing of our government to change definitions of words in order to change society into a compliant society of sheep. We hear the mantra of, no our system has never worked but that is because no one has practiced it correctly. But for it to work the governed cannot be a people of independent nature. The government is trying to promote the progressive idea of equity not equality. Equality can work with a democratic republic b cause it gives everyone a chance to succeed. Progressive equity dictates that no matter how much effort you put into succeeding the results are the same. The minute a society realizes that there is no real advantage to hard work because the non working will receive the same compensation as the working society becomes non inspired and stagnate.

Think about it. Why do we have the second amendment if it isn’t to protect us from a government that forces their idea of what is best rather than ours?

Under no imagination can we live in a society where all ideas are given equal weight. News flash, there are bad ideas that should be discarded. And a bad idea or a bad system does not improve with each new generation. They just have to learn to discard the bad ideas in their own.
There is an old saying that is still worth considering.

“To take from one, because it is thought that his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, — the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry, & the fruits acquired by it.”


1 : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods

of course, only select few comrades own and administer, and the rest can work, and hope they get distributed a piece of meat for holidays

2a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property

Except few important comrades and their families, entitled to luxury cars, country estates, billion dollar accounts in foreign banks.

3 : a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

and 30 million Russians and 60 million Chinese are destroyed in the process of transition.

One thing is to discuss philosophy of Socialism, but quite the other is what this theory looks like in practice every single time. Anyone thinking that American Socialist Revolution will be different is fooling himself.


Also watch the video if you have not already, a note of hope at the end. :us:

The Big Lie - How to Enslave the World

Kevin D. Williamson > Quotes > Quotable Quote

Kevin D. Williamson

“The difference between communism and socialism is that under socialism central planning ends with a gun in your face, whereas under communism central planning begins with a gun in your face.”

― Kevin D. Williamson, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism