Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

No. I don’t follow Alex Jones. I think he’s way out there and I don’t like someone shouting at me all the time. But his court case is historic in the sense that it is about freedom of speech. Whether he wrecked the lives of the parents in Sandy Hook is subject to interpretation. The guy will be hounded for the rest of his life for essentially shooting his mouth off. Others have been shot and killed for what he has done. It’s shocking what this government and this country has become. Why do we carry? The answer is everywhere.


I haven’t followed this story closely at all.

I do know that if I lost my son to an incident and someone kept telling the world that he didn’t die and I was liar when I talked about mourning my son’s death I’d be pretty darned pissed.

I don’t think the government is beyond lying and conspiracies do exist. But it would be just about impossible to make up a bunch of kids dying without someone being able to prove the kids didn’t die or never existed in the first place.

I’m all for free speech but libeling private citizens over the loss of their children and making a whole lot of money off of those unproven claims seems a bit out of line to me.


A good point. I agree. My problem is how the “media” took to this story and expanded it to an overwhelming extent. Was Alex Jones guilty for creating a fake story? Absolutely. He should’ve been nailed on the spot. But the media and government kept dragging the affair out. If Jones had been put in jail and had all his assets liquidated to pay for whatever damages ten years ago, this story would have been finished. But no. The media and government turned the whole thing into a circus and in effect made Jones and his ideology martyrs.


Unfortunately our Constitutional protections for the right to free speech and our often glacially slow justice system tend to drag things out for incredibly long periods of time.

Part of that I think is the cost of living in a “free” country. But a lot of that is also the price for living in a country full of corrupt politicians. The jury is still out on how our experiment in a government “of the people, for the people and by the people” will turn out in the long run.

Really speaks to the judicial system more than anything else imo. I remember in college taking con. law classes specifically related to civil rights and liberties. We specifically talked about the right to a quick and speedy trial. Nowhere, especially in these high profile cases, do I ever see quick and speedy trials. They just drag out and drag out and drag out which hurts both the victims and the accused/convicted costing both more and more money.

To your point media definitely doesn’t help that either. Turning something that’s already a high profile case into a circus only really helps media. High drama, high views. Gotta milk that out as long as you can regardless of the emotional and financial damage it’s causing those actually involved in the case. If they would’ve made him liquated years ago it’d have been done and over with but I guess that would detract from viewership.

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