Eurosceptic Alliance to Fight Creation of European Superstate

this is rather troubling IMHO… only partial info posted more on the site… read more if ya want…

could be a rather nasty thing IMHO… for humanity… and hints at something… possibly… BIBLICAL?

posting opinions is most welcome please do so if ya care to…

"There is a growing threat that seeks to transform the European Union into an ideologically charged federalist super-state; a corporation which disregards national identity and sovereignty, and therefore democracy, plurality and the interests of the citizens of the nations that form the Union. This drift endangers the Union itself by moving away from the Christian European ideals on which it was founded.... We should cooperate and join forces to protect Europe from enforced ideologies and anti-democratic drift that are leading to its downfall." — Joint Statement, Madrid Summit, January 29, 2022.

"European institutions cannot become a tool of social engineering aiming at creating a new 'European nation.' Examples of such social engineering could be, among other things, the attempts to ideologically alter our languages in a way which will detach a human being from their culture and heritage, like the recent decision of the European Commission to remove the word 'Christmas' from the public sphere." — Joint Statement, Warsaw Summit, December 4, 2021.

The signatories said that the EU has become a tool of "radical forces" that are determined to carry out a civilizational transformation of Europe. They accused conservative establishment parties in Europe of having abandoned traditional Judeo-Christian values ​​and of aligning themselves with leftist positions for political gain.

"The slightest national decision that does not correspond to the wishes of the European institutions is now the subject of blackmail: that is not what the Europe of freedoms is! We love Europe because we love our nations. And we will defend Europe because we defend our nations!" — Marine Le Pen, President, France's National Rally party.

"What brings us together is stronger than what separates us: the fight for our civilization!" — Nicolas Bay, MEP for France's National Rally party.

"With regard to major European issues such as more effective external border protection, greater economic independence for Europe and a common, more restrictive migration policy that is completely diametrically opposed to the current one. We all agreed." — Marlene Svazek, Chairwoman, Freedom Party of Austria.

there is a lot more on this in the article… that tells us much more… some are already saying no and some are pushing harder for this…​

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Europe is going to be a Muslim country sooner than later so what is the point? And, in 50 years the United States will be a nothing more than a memory. I’m glad that I am not getting younger.


thinkin your right and thinkin it was or is being done by design…

and the bigwigs that did it will be all safe in their bunkers n whatnot…

when the cork pops…


Been hearing this for years. Hasn’t happened yet.


I’m happy for you.

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Until 1453, Constantinople was still Christian; until 1934, Hitler wasn’t the president of Germany, either. Just because something has not yet happened, does not mean it cannot nor will not.


Then in 2020, you know the thing!

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in 77 we got Carter - Reagan fixed it
in 93 we got Clinton - Bush fixed that
in 09 we got Obama - Trump fixed that
in 21 we got Biden - …


My perspective is that the boundaries get moved one way, and then back a little, and then the one way again, with the gains always accumulating on the one side, and on the other side ground is always lost. The fact that every other cycle, those loosing ground get a portion of it back, in the long run, means little, as the average amounts to a steady march in the one direction. So works the socialist take over scheme, and so goes our nation with every cycle.

The things we now must tolerate were virtually unimaginable as things that most people could see happening in this country, even a few short years ago. The cumulative gains, very much by design, in my opinion, have been a game of demanding the outrageous, settling for less, but doing the very same thing again the next cycle, famously, gun control has been hammered away at this very way.

Though nothing has “happened yet” so to speak, the relentless march and fractional loss of ground does, and will, lead to a tipping point where suddenly, that which has never happened, will in fact, happen.


Not just politically. All the land seized by Muslims in the Mid-East and Northern Africa were originally Christian lands and countries. It took over 700 years to regain the land taken by the Moors (Muslims) that became Portugal. They had a permanent effect on the Iberian peninsula, politically, socially and gastronomically, that also transferred to the lands conquered by the Portuguese and Spanish.

Have you read any newspaper headlines in the past couple of decades?
Have you seen what’s currently in the White House and cabinet?
If not, you’re missing all the signs. America will be lucky to survive until 2024.

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Trump was fixing that, then the Biden Regime hit, opening the southern border wide to cartels, Muslim extremists, and 479 million Central Americans. God help us.