Errors on Website

Hi @moderators, @USCCA,

Looks like the most recent update to the forum introduced some errors. The stylesheet (.css) code is popping up before a page is rendered. This code should never be displayed as part of the visible page content.


Thanks, @Alces_Americanus! It’s fixed now. I didn’t catch it yesterday when I was testing some updates. More coffee is definitely needed the first day back from vacation :coffee:


I had no idea what I was looking at!


Been there, done that (too many times).



I thought they had changed the Matrix. :man_shrugging:


Deja Vu


@USCCA although I am able to access my account community and the dashboard on my phone I cannot access it using chrome on my computer I get an error telling me that my account does not exist. Or at least it doesn’t recognize my email address.


Hey @George98 , are you allowing cookies for the site? I just double-checked and am able to login via chrome on my desktop.

If you paste the following into a new tab in Chrome you can check your cookie settings >>> chrome://settings/cookies

Mine are set to “Block third party cookies” and I’m able to login successfully


Thanks for the shout out.

I called USCCA and they are working on the system.

Apparently, I was logged in on the phone which allowed me to post. I made the mistake of logging out and can’t get back even on the phone.

They are working on it!




Ah ok. Sounds like they need to fix something on their end.


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I can’t get on either. Firefox or Chrome. Deleted cookies, history…no go.


Back on today…working fine.



This is what I see on log out from community board.


Access denied Error code 1020

You do not have access to

The site owner may have set restrictions that prevent you from accessing the site. Contact the site owner for access or try loading the page again.

Additional information

The access policies of a site define which visits are allowed. Your current visit is not allowed according to those policies.

Only the site owner can change site access policies.

I am the site owner

Ray ID: 718dd7864f452afeCopy

  1. Search the Firewall Events Log External link for the above Ray ID.
  2. Examine and assess the details of the access policy.

Troubleshooting guide External link

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Same here, you’re not alone.


Ditto, same problem. I guess the new method for changes is, trial and error. So much for test and verify.


I miss @Dawn jumping in on these situations!


What browser are you all using?

Chrome :hot_face: although it appears to have been fixed!

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If the stylesheet (.css) code is popping up before a page is rendered on the forum after a recent update, it indicates a potential issue with the forum’s rendering process or the way the CSS file is being loaded. This can result in users seeing the raw CSS code instead of it being applied to the page as intended. Here are some common reasons and steps to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. CSS File Not Loaded Properly: Ensure that the CSS file is being linked correctly in the HTML of the forum’s pages. Check that the link tag for the CSS file is in the head section of the HTML, and the file path is correct.

  2. Server Configuration Issue: Review the server configuration to check if there are any misconfigurations or errors related to serving CSS files. Verify that the server is correctly interpreting and delivering the CSS file with the correct content type.

  3. Caching Problems: Cached versions of the forum’s pages could be causing the issue. Clear your browser cache and try reloading the page to see if the problem persists.

  4. Minification or Concatenation: If the CSS file is being minified or concatenated during the build process, there may be an issue with this process. Check the build settings and verify that the minification or concatenation is not causing the CSS code to appear on the page.

  5. Errors in HTML/Template Code: Review the HTML or template files for the forum’s pages to ensure that there are no syntax errors or misplaced tags that might be causing the issue.

  6. Check for Updates or Bug Reports: If the issue started after a recent update, check the forum’s official website or support forums for any bug reports related to the update. There might be a known issue with the update that is causing the problem.

  7. Inspect Network Requests: Use the browser developer tools to inspect network requests and check if there are any errors or warnings related to the CSS file’s loading or content.

  8. Restore from Backup: If you have a recent backup of the forum before the update, consider restoring it to roll back the changes and see if the issue persists.

It’s important to pinpoint the specific cause of the issue to apply the correct solution. If you are unsure how to troubleshoot or fix the problem, consider seeking help from the forum’s development or support team, or from web development experts who can analyze the issue and provide a solution.

For more information check this:

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Yeah! What you said!