ERPO or Red Flag Laws

Has there been any update on USCCA’s policy and protection for members in the event of an unfounded ‘Red Flag’ or ERPO charge or similar situation? What would constitute an “unfounded” charge? What support or protections would USCCA offer?


@dawn could give you clarity on that, but the USCCA would cover you as far as I’m aware, for legal protection.

What state are you in @Major_Paul? That is if you don’t mind sharing…

Here you go! I think this could help you!

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Here are a couple of topics in the Community that share the details for you, @Major_Paul:

Let me know if you have any additional questions after checking those out. :slight_smile:

I split time between Florida and Utah…so I’d be interested in protection in each jurisdiction, What insight can you provide?


Follow those links @Dawn provided up there^^^^^

And that should give you all the info you could ever need!

If you have any more questions @Dawn will answer them!!
Take care and God bless, friend!


Randall W. Anderson

/Salute Tim.

It takes alot to do what you did. You will always have my full and unconditional support and loyalty as a member. You really should run for office or give those of us who are starting to lose faith in our country, some hope.

This national conversation that went from one left wing wing nut to all major Democratic Candidates talking about either out and out confiscation or taxing guns and/or ammo out of the reach of all but the wealthiest is downright terrifying.

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Thanks for the assist, @Randall318!

I’m not sure what you’re referring to, @Major_Paul. With the exception of a few states where USCCA isn’t able to sell memberships, USCCA Memberships are there for our members in every other state. Florida and Utah both are able to have USCCA Memberships.

Does that help or did I misunderstand your question?

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Anytime @Dawn!

I had to kind of break down his questions as well.

@Major_Paul, as far as concerns with USCCA protection for your states, you are covered

Now, as far as the question on “unfounded charge” … The meaning behind that would be fabricated or lie for the reason you had ERPO or Red-Flag put on you. So in other words, if I were to call and say hey Joe Blow he’s a threat to himself or others and I was lying(Let’s say like now, I don’t know anything about you) Well, that would be covered and USCCA would protect you for the cause of someone making up a story on you and causing your weapons to be taken.

From an owners standpoint, every accusation would be unfounded. What would USCCA’s standard of determining whether an ERPO is unfounded and thereby be willing to come stand in defense of said owner? Do you have any insight?


Hi Dawn, I think the message chain became a little cross-threaded. I was responding to a question raised by Randall. In my mind my responses are linked to the question when I select the “reply” link. Is this incorrect?


That is a good question!
However, my answer would be that it all depends on the individual situation(As flatlined as that statement may be, it’s true).

Also, I can’t speak for the USCCA…
I’m an affiliate of the USCCA, but I don’t know the full tenacity behind the policy in regards to your questions and don’t want to give you false information.

Therefore, @Dawn would be better at answering these types of questions. Maybe inbox her directly, sir!

As always,
Kindest regards,

Randall W. Anderson

It definitely did get a bit confused, @Major_Paul. I was trying to follow up with the handoff from @Randall318.

If you have any USCCA specific questions, please let me know (@dawn) or PM me. Everyone can answer general questions, but as far as specific questions about the USCCA Membership, either someone with the USCCA Employee title or the USCCA Community Manager title are your best bet for the right information. :slight_smile:


@Dawn, plainly and simply, if deputies knocked on my door tomorrow serving an ERPO (in Colorado), can I rely on my USCCA coverage to help me out?

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The USCCA Legal Defense Foundation would possibly be able to assist you if that happened, @Bradey, those situations are handled on a case by case basis. You can find details here:

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