Employer ban

Is there any way around an employer not allowing guns? I’m a truck driver and I’d like to conceal carry.


I was basically told that if I didn’t like the rules that no one was forcing me to work there. In a nice way though.


@Wayne17 The only way to avoid disciplinary action by your employer is likely only to get them to change their policy. With the exception of discrimination based upon legal classifications, employers can generally implement any policy they like. Most states are “employment at will” states meaning that the employer or the employee can terminate the employment for any reason or no reason at all.


Two issues on this.
If you are an OTR driver, you need to know the laws of each state and if your permit will be reciprocal.
If your employer refuses to allow you to carry, it is unfortunately the employer’s prerogative to be anti-Constitutional, though it is the same with free speech. While at work you represent the employer, so you may have limits on what you may say or express, the same as for carrying of firearms.

The primary concern is if you are an OTR and what states you run.

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An employer has the right to set work rules and policy, within the law, of course. I dealt with this issue with my former employer.

You have three options:

  1. Obey the rule.
  2. Carry concealed in defiance of the policy and accept the consequences of you get caught.
  3. Find other employment with a company that allows employees to carry.

Well, four options. You could try to convince your employer to change the rule or make an exception for you.

Good luck.