Emergency Drills

Do you do self defense drills in your house or places you frequent. How does that look like, I have kids so they know what to do in an Emergency. What do you do?


l use a laser bullet and set up scenarios with targets, one of the apps on my phone will record where the laser hits on target. For example I have a hostage target. I practice that one alot.

I have told my wife and daughter, both. That if it came down to someone trying to take them hostage, I would take the shot.

Crime stats for women being removed from one crime scene to a second scene are very grim.

On a lighter note, some people I met on here. We would call each other and set up, a chess board and play chess while using laser shots to move pieces. We would sit and shoot length of house @ a poster colored green for yes/yellow for a mulligan (you got 5 per day)/red meant you couldn’t move your piece.

My personal favorite was setting up a really big poster board that we had gridded to match up to BATTLESHIP. Now that was fun. We would shoot from 15’ and if you did a trick shot they had to do a trick shot same as other til you made that shot.

Just me and R here now. We have a safe room that we practice locking up. We will take the stairs out of our condo occasionally just to be familiar with where to go. After the earth quake a couple of years ago, we don’t put things that can fall in front of doors or on us when in bed etc.

Scenario training,
1.The front door gets busted open, grab EDC and position the wife in a safe spot as I get positioned for self-defense. She contacts 911 immediately!
2. A person comes to the front door and tries to open the door in the middle of the day. The door is locked. then what?
3. You are at workplace, and you hear gunfire, what do you do?
4. You are walking to the house with two hands of groceries when a person rushes at you< what would you be able to do?
5. Zombie apocalypse accrues what do you do to secure your house and protect it?

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My range carries two B27 size targets that are essentially game boards: one for Battleship and the other for Croquet. Makes practice fun but also works wonders for target re-acquisitions.

Would you please recommend a good laser training system? I have a 380 and SW 40.

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MantisX is a good one.

@Mike164 beat me to it.

Mantis, is a very good one. It has a number of good add on’s or you just get the basic set up.

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