Elite members attending Expo with family member

Hello all. Just wondering if anyone attended past Expo with a family member (non-member) and if they had any issues? I’m an Elite member and my son wants to go and I have to pay $25 for his ticket but want to make sure he’s able to walk with me around any activities or event for Elite Members. Just don’t know if any members had issues attending the Expo with family member.

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Lets ask those in the know. @Moderators will be able to fill you in.

When I was a silver member, I bought a ticket for my dad, who isn’t a member, to the Louisville show. He had no problems. They as long as you had your pass, you got the free T-shirt and everything.

Sorry, @Scott148, Elite Member activities are only for Elite Members. Non-members are not able to attend those.

An Elite Membership would make a great birthday/Christmas present [linked here] :thinking: :birthday: :christmas_tree: :innocent:

Hopefully he’ll love the Expo so much he’ll want to be an Elite Member anyway! :smiley:


I think it’s great if family or friends attend, it would make for a better experience and Expo.

I think general admission allows access to everything “inside the expo” exhibit hall (itself), booths, tables, store, just like it would for a member. I haven’t seen anything posted as yet such as activities or events specifically for “Elite” members as it relates to the Expo, I think that’s more for the insurance coverage.

I think the Expo is worth the trip, and enjoying Forth Worth, TX. However, I don’t think it allows a guest/family member into the separate pre-registered classes (Seminars/training courses). But, it’s not too late to join the USCCA and register for those awesome classes. Soon as two of my family members obtain their permits, I’m going to gift them their first year’s membership, but I know the general Expo is open to all.

The discounted hotel prices might be open to all Expo attendees, but perhaps contact USCCA, or they will post additional clarification for us here. Best to you and yours. Oughtta be an enjoyable time. :slightly_smiling_face: