Election 2020 and 12th Amendment

No you are not reading the same news feed. Like Rep Nadler said when asked about ANTIFA, he said—they are a myth. They don’t exist. Remember the CNN news guy saying all the protesting was peaceful and there was a building on fire right behind him!! The msm channels do not tell their followers the real news.


Yup and since it’s a Republican Majority we know who will win.

Randall142 I totally agree with you. Most Judges were placed by damnbama so you know must be liberal. There were election votes from ppl who had moved years before, dead ppl, illegal ppl not to mention video from Georgia. PLUS the stolen Thumb Drive from location of voting machines! Don’r forget the Dominion machines used in some states from out side America! I could go on & on. WTH FBI will not Charge Biden with ALL the China corruption???!!:rage: watch-> Joe Biden Boasts Of 'Most Extensive' Voter Fraud 'In The History Of American Politics'


I was concerned about this in 2000. An election where there were a bunch of voting machines supplied by a blatant supporter of the winning candidate with significant irregularities that ended up being decided on technicalities in the courts instead of the true merits of the cases. History rhymes if not repeats. That sketchy election led to endless wars and the loss of significant freedoms the American people once enjoyed.
Not that I think the other side would have done a any better.

Unfortunately I believe we will never know what irregularities occurred in 2000 or 2020. There is no serious investigation going on by anyone. Trumps lawyers are completely incompetent, Newsmax and CNN etc are completely biased in my opinion based on gathering news from a broad range of sources instead of seeking out endless echo chamber bias confirmation. Their job is to divide the people of this county so the oligarchs who are really running the show can keep milking us dry while we argue with each other. Personally I can’t believe either one of these Kleptocrats was ever in a position to win this election. If properly investigated they would both end up in jail for a long list of crimes.

I will now put on my flame resistant underwear and retreat to the bunker.

The primary dispute in the 2000 was limited number of ballots cast in a few specific counties in one state. The hanging and dimpled chads were something we could all see and understand, even if we disagreed about how to count them. The physical ballots were actually there and the news media was able to broadcast video as poll workers debated about the “intent” of improperly marked ballots.

The 2020 election features claims of government agents unconstitutionally changing voting laws, mysterious ballots trucked across state lines, suitcases of ballots being secretly counted in the middle of the night, statistical impossibilities, ballot machines improperly recording votes with no paper trail, illegal votes, limited voter identification, strange middle of the night spikes in votes for one side, vote buying, and poll watcher intimidation, to name just a few. That’s before we even get to the standard felons and dead people voting that we have in many elections.

I think the 2020 election deserves at least as much scrutiny as the 2000 election, but the media and government officials just tell us to “move along. Nothing to see here.”


In 2000 the hanging chads where the only issue that got any coverage. There were however many nothing to see here stories of people being removed from the voter lists because their names were similar to felons names, irregularities in the number of overseas votes received from service members and families and the same electronic voting machine shenanigans in this election. Every election has this illegal sleaze done by both sides. I don’t know who won this election. I do know a few people who voted for Trump because they think he is the savior and a couple who voted for Biden because they think Trump is the antichrist. I know a lot more Republican leaning people who held their noses to vote for Trump and a lot more Democrats who held their noses to vote for Biden all with various logical and illogical arguments, so I can see this election having gone either way. But when the day after the election news outlets immediately start saying this has been the cleanest election ever, my BS meter starts spiking just like it did in 2000 and during the build up to the second Iraq War. We should all be demanding an open bipartisan investigation of voting fraud and an end to electronic voting machines. The future of this nation is at stake and anyone who is so sure of what happened in this election should be willing and happy to have their beliefs independently confirmed.

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I firmly believe this. In fact, I’ve been an eye witness to it. The problem is that no one cares. In fact, we expect a degree of cheating. Twice in my life I caught people blatantly breaking elections rules, and not once could I find anyone who cared. Not the police, not the press, nobody. And I couldn’t very well report it to my Congressional rep, since she was the beneficiary of the cheating.

Sometimes people are prosecuted, but not often enough, and not publicly enough. I genuinely believe that’s a problem. Someone who knowingly violates election law- regardless of their political affiliation- should be severely punished and publicly humiliated as a warning to other election officials and volunteers.