eLearning - Concealed Carry & Home Defense + Emergency First Aid

It took me a while to get around to it (even during a pandemic lockdown :wink:), but I have completed both the Concealed Carry & Home Defense and the Emergency First Aid eLearning courses. The CC & HD course is very well laid out and it kept my attention. I’ve had lots of experience with first aid and emergency situations. In another time in my life I trained First Responders (fire, police, ems) on passenger train derailment incidents. I am very proud to say that I learned a few new tricks from both of these USCCA courses–never too old to learn. One important thing about these courses (for me): You can stop/start/restart at any time before taking the quiz at the end of each section. I’m on call, so that feature worked out well for me!

So, in closing, nothing beats hands-on training, HOWEVER, I highly recommend both of these eLearning courses. As time permits I plan on taking more. :cowboy_hat_face:


Countering mass shooting is another great book, and course. The USCCA publications are very well written and an easy read. Thanks for sharing your experiences! We were taught several years ago, by a great firearms instructor, that when one takes courses, one will take away something from each course, and then put that learning to the mindset of oneself. There are so many training vids on the net, different techniques, taught so many different ways. The USCCA has done their homework for a “packaged” program. Well worth the time and dollars spent.