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Firearms instructors are often viewed as wise, all-knowing experts. It is prudent for an instructor who is consulted regarding the best choices in EDC accessories to question the inquirer about his or her needs before making recommendations. Simplicity of operation, handling and maintenance should be high on the individual’s list. Reliability and dependability in adverse conditions — as well as adequate accuracy, power and capacity — are equally as important. The well-used phrase of “everything you need and nothing you don’t” should be kept in mind for each individual’s application.

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This is a well written and thought out article.
My EDC is a shield .45 with night sights in an appendix holster.
I own all sorts of fancy 1911’s, glocks and sigs with lasers, lights, red dots, etc., but my daily carry is a simplistic one.
I do shoot regularly with red dot pistols, and while they do take more training than open sights, once you’re on with them, I find them to be highly accurate and reliable. Matter of fact, the only reason my carry gun doesn’t have one is S&W doesn’t make a slide to accomodate one.
My wife carries a Sig 938 with a laser (when she carries–very rarely). She’s a good shot without it, and a great shot with it.
For me, lights on a gun are something beyond my need as a civilian. Do I carry a flashlight? Yup. But not on the pistol.
Don’t just check your batteries. Change them. Regularly. To prevent Murphy’s law from taking advantage of me, this is an easy preventative measure.
Be safe out there!
Si vis pacem, parabellum.


I also carry shield 45… lovvvve it…

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