Easter shootings

Looks like we’re going to have to cancel Easter going forward.


My city had several shootings over the weekend, and we didn’t even make the list.

I’ve been wondering about this from a press perspective. I don’t trust any single news organization, and I think what’s reported rarely reflects reality. We have gang violence on a daily basis that barely gets reported at all, unless it’s a slow news day. But sometimes the press will pick up on a shooting event for one reason or another (perhaps the urban gangs got too close to the suburbs, that day) and run with it, making it sound like we’re all in danger for our lives because guns are running around indiscriminately shooting Americans in their sleep.

On the most basic level, they write these stories because the entire news industry sells fear. Second to that, however, is the anti-2A bias that seems to run rampant in the press corps.

Still, I can’t help but wonder if the same stories meant to fuel support for the anti-2A campaigns also fuel the record sales of firearms and ammunition in this country. Some people see the headlines and think, “we have to ban guns.” Other people see the same headlines and think, “I need to buy a gun.” And I assume there’s a good chunk of people who think both things- “We need to ban guns, but until we do, I need a gun.”


This is the Brandon norm. We only have three more years! The best we can hope for now, is that he doesn’t go all Shanghai on us and that Putin doesn’t nuke us!
Why hasn’t the 25th been invoked? The laughing one might be able to be better controlled.
Even radical liberal leftists have to understand that while on a sinking boat in shark infested waters, there’s only one way to survive!


What about the people who think we need to be responsibly armed until the irresponsible and criminals are not a threat. Then our only concern would be to find a cure for people that have a fear of guns.


The second and third choices are worse than the current one. It is a real pickle.


I believe the headlines this weekend are a clear collusion between the media and the anti gun lobby to promote the anti gun agenda that Biden is putting into motion now. The headline was written before the weekend, they just had to plug in some of the criminal events that occurred.

Most these stories get ignored on a daily basis because they just show how prevalent violent people are in our society and how we need to defend ourselves from them because the police can’t. But when the antis can find an angle they think will manipulate people to their cause they create a snazzy headline and biased story to try and push their blatantly unconstitutional and hopelessly flawed agenda.

Harris is far more dangerous than Biden. She is a completely controllable puppet for the string pullers. She couldn’t even make it through the early stages of the primary despite all the big money behind her. The puppeteers had to do an end around by getting Biden to choose her as VP. Which is clearly the only way a person with so little charisma, such a poor civil rights record and horrible managerial skills is going to have a shot at being president.


Why did the media not focus on weekly shootings in Chicago before?


I fixed it for you.


I fixed it for both of you. :yum:


I think Salt Lake had 2, neither made the national news. I have to agree, with all of the stuff going on on this planet the first, biggest, mainest, (go ahead Mike270 Fix that one) headline always seems to be “Mass Shooting”. It would be very easy to convince me that the national “media” outlets are in concert with the Biden administration…