Ear muffs and home defense

Tactics aside.

You are put in a position and use your firearm in a home defense situation and you put on electronic or digital(I’ve heard them referred to as both) ear muffs as you grabbed your firearm to address the situation.

Would wearing earmuffs affect anything from a legal standpoint?

Great question. I’m not a lawyer. My 2 cents is this: Anything and everything can hurt your defense if the prosecutor is zealous enough, and some are.

Can you articulate why and how you put on your ear muffs? Meaning can your lawyer explain why you would stage these as part of your home defense plan?

My advise would be to ask your criminal defense attorney about this. If you dont have a criminal defense attorney on speed dial, you need to get one. Interview 2 or 3 in your area and pick the one you trust and get along with the best. Sure, you could call USCCA and they’ll send a competent attorney, but I look at it like this… after a self defense situation, you wont be looking for the best criminal defense attorney, you’ll be looking for the first.

Simply ask your attorney, “will this scenario make your job harder or easier?”

I was sent videos to watch in preperation for a training course, and it was mentioned having them staged next to your home defense weapon. I’ve never given it much thought but it wouldn’t be difficult at all. The ones I use actually amplify sound so I would hear better with them on.

I am just curious on peoples thoughts and opinions on it. Never hurts to hear different thought processes and opinions.

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It was a rhetorical question. A question your lawyer would NEED to answer for you should a prosecutor make an issue of it.

I too started with the premise that ‘just’ earmuffs attenuating the sonic crack of any ammunition - that I may, or which a home invader fires - is a good thing. You don’t have nearly the delay for recovery of even marginal hearing and the physiologic “ring” would not be an issue at all.

If I have more than one set of electronically amplified, gating high transient suppressed ear muffs and one set happens to be next to my bed, there are very good benefits to me, the homeowner, defending my family and self; being able to hear better than I normally would and providing protection of my hearing equal to a non-active headset should gunfire occur.

The question you have to weigh, all other things being equal: is it better to protect your hearing during a home invasion incident or not? Survive the incident in the first place and you can worry all you want about political correctness because you will, in fact, be alive to do so. Not only that, you will still have your hearing in your old age.

When I asked this question from a tactical standpoint, I was repeatedly advised not to wear them, just from the time required to in a life and death situation with family in the house.

I don’t see how it could effect a legal situation, but things that I don’t think could effect a legal situation often do exactly that.

I put them on not to protect my hearing but to amplify the sounds I was hearing to better discern what the sounds were that drew my attention in the first place.

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I’m not putting them on. I can tell you first hand, when the adrenaline is pumping, you won’t even hear the shots, and there won’t be any residual effects from firing without them. Your bodies fight or flight mode protects your hearing.