Dutch Woman With Dementia Euthanized Against Her Will. The Doctor Was Just

While the article reports the woman did not wish to die at the time she was asked directly before the “procedure” occured, it failed to indicate the surrounding quality of life for the subject, the conditions her family reported they were guided toward by a life long relationship with the subject , any other physical issues which might have been in play.

None-the-less, I suggest everyone consider their selections and the terms they anticipate meeting their end-of-life. You can only help yourself in letting others know by a living will, speaking with family members who can and will be there to speak for you, establishing a medical power of attorney to guide medical treatment through a complex medical situation which may not be covered easily by your living will. Also, involve your Primary Care Physician, especially if you’ve had a long relationship with them. They’ll need to be asked if not invited by the new attending team at the hospital or specialty treatment center(s). All the above means, before any of this, you start thinking long and clearly about what you want. Do, your family will appreciate your direction and guidance.

This story along with the stories of Alfie Evans and Charlie Gard make me believe europe is on the path to “useless eaters” again.