Dumbest things non gunners say


It is a myth that it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun and it’s been proven One cannot prove something that is not true. One cannot prove truth, it is already. If people that want to murder other people weren’t afraid of good people with guns they would murder everyone. When was a murder ever stop buy anything other than fear? One wouldn’t know, it never happened. How do you explain that¿


5. You Must be Paranoid

This is a great one. If you are concerned about your and your family’s safety, you are paranoid. I suppose that means that if you wear a seatbelt, lock your car in a parking lot, or lock the door to your home at night, you are paranoid. After all, it’s not like the other drivers on the road are out to get you or somebody has directly threatened you.

I had someone say this to me just last weekend. I was installing newer, stronger magnet holsters in my car and a neighbor asked me why I was putting them in and then said that same smug phrase to me about me being paranoid. I told him

  1. Because I can.
  2. I have had enough bad stuff happen to me that I am aware that there is true evil in the world.

I am paranoud, but not for the reasons the anti gunners think. I’m paranoid of them and their irrational responses should they find out I’m carrying around them. Almost no one knows I’m always armed. Close family, and recently one good old friend who shared his gun habit with me. His response was “wow, I had no idea I was so safe hanging out with you.” That’s my kind of friend.


Paranoid? Maybe so, but unlike you I’d rather not be ignorant sheep.


Robert 1246, myth of good guy with a gun.

I am not sure of what point you are trying to make. Read the many accounts of “Armed Citizen” that are reported in several outlets including law enforcement reports, and it is clear that many crimes are stopped by armed citizens, many times without a shot being fired. If you only get your information from mainstream media, then you are sadly only getting misinformation. If your answer is satire, sorry, I missed that part of it.


Thanks for standing up for the truth. I am adding to the 12 +1=13. I am not superstitious

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For me the most ignorant thing they say revolves around

“That kind of gun” or “military style” or “assault” when they are espousing the uninformed opinion that those evil black rifles should be banned because they have no place in civilian hands yada yada

So I ask…what is a [whatever term they used] and they don’t know. They support laws that would put my wife and myself and my neighbors in prison for possessing that firearm…but they literally have no idea what that firearm even is

And they are perfectly okay with this. :hushed:

They actively choose to not understand, yet support restrictive and controlling laws whilst fully admitting they have no idea what they are talking about