DUI With a Firearm in the car - Are the Police Different than us?

If you or I get pulled over DUI with a loaded firearm in the vehicle we would automatically be charged with weapons charges, probably, since I know someone going through it right now, Possession of a Firearm While Intoxicated. BUT If you are a cop, you get sited for DUI and the case is turned over to POST, with NO Weapons Charges? I guess we’ll see how it turns out.


There is not much detail, but we can think that he has gun in his trunk… as usually cops keep there stuff.

A lieutenant from the Bountiful Police Department picked up the unmarked vehicle containing police equipment, a gun rack and a loaded assault rifle.

There is a difference when civilian get caught drunk with a gun and LEO get caught with duty tool used for work.
Perhaps I can be wrong about this :point_up_2:… but I usually try to understand both sides before final judgement.

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Is an intoxicated cop more responsible/safe with a firearm than an intoxicated civilian?


Depends if an acorn hits the roof of his cruiser.


Mostly it depends on where the rifle was…


Are LEOs and civilians different? Apparently not, after all, that cop did not hop out of the car and start shooting up a neighborhood, did he? Just like the vast majority of cops and civilians with guns in their cars, BAC 0.0% level notwithstanding, have not done so, either.

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Police are known for having firearms close to them. The part where the cop was driving drunk is unacceptable, and I agree with the police officer being charged with a DUI. The AR-15 should have been in the vehicle’s trunk or not in it in general. If this were one of us, we would be locked up, weapons confiscated, and left with a hefty fine to pay. Law enforcement is supposed to be an example of the laws they protect.


Why would that matter? Dudes a cop, drunk, driving a police vehicle. That’s enough to be hauled in. And he has a loaded weapon too? If I were simply hanging with a friend in a bar, drinking only water I’d be arrested and lose my permit. What “other side” needs to be considered?


I saw what you did there… :rofl:


Please do not hang him yet :slightly_smiling_face:
DUI - yes. No doubt.
But weapon charges? It is still too early to determine. We know nothing about that rifle, what we know is the media screaming - LOADED AR15 WHILE DRUNK…