Drop the mag - Ignorance

Love my 92!


That is only true on SOME semi autos, but not all. This kind of erroneous teaching can and will get soneone killed.

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Depends on the weapon, long story short in 88 LAPD transitioned for .38 (wheel gun) to 9MM (semi auto). Had to buy it myself and we only had a choice of Beretta or Smith and Wesson. I choose the Smith (459) because while on the streets in the South Central if there was a fight for my weapon and if it wasn’t looking too good I could drop the Mag out of my Smith and then its just a paper weight. For the Beretta if the Mag is dropped and you still have one in the pipe it can be used against you. Train like you fight, Fight like you train


I use to a S&W 659 9mm that wouldn’t shoot without the magazine in it. I got rid of it. Not because of the mag thing. All of my carry guns will fire without the magazine in. Love my SIGs


I’m not willing to guess witch ones!:rofl::+1::us: