Drawing from holster practice?

How often do you practice drawing from your holster?

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly
  • Not nearly enough…

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Since most ranges don’t allow drawing from holsters, here’s a dry fire training video for you:


I can’t practice my draw at the range I go to but I practice with the iTarget pro with the quick draw app at least twice a week. I practice with an IWB, OWB and ankle holster.


I feel as though practicing drawing is the most under practiced discipline there is. The one skill that can make you or take you to either a successful self defense action or not. It would not be good if you go to grab your gun and accidently shoot yourself because of never having practiced this skill. How fast and how accurate are you doing a draw and shoot? It would also be bad if you just fire off a round as your pulling it up to the target you are planning on shooting. Grabbing your shirt as you go to draw and loosing your gun because you do not have a good proper grip would be bad. I could go on and on about this skill. 1 second draw time to fire would be a goal to set and anything faster with smooth results consistently would be a good goal to have so, practice, practice, practice and be safe!!!