Don't Cry for Me Argentina

Not really interested in what happens in South America except when it comes to the hundreds of thousands of illegals crashing our borders. Never knew where Argentina was on a map. That is until I saw Tucker Carlson’s interview with Javier Milei who is now according to the news the first Libertarian President. Why does this matter to us? Because in 2024 we will either see an 80 year corrupt/decrepit/leftist old man in charge of this country or maybe our first Libertarian president in RFK Jr. Anything (well almost anything) is better than Joe but there are glimmers of hope here. Trump might pull this one out but if he doesn’t maybe RFK Jr. can. In any case, whoever wins will determine if I move further back into the mountains or stay where I am.


Argentina matters to us, because of the lessons it can teach those who are willing to learn.

Argentina is going through yet another bout of hyperinflation brought on by a government that prints money to finance social programs and its military (needed to control the population). That’s probably a window into the world the US is racing towards with its $33.6 TRILLION debt (and growing).

How the government and political system reacts to hyperinflation and how individuals cope with the collapse of a currency are lessons we should heed.


I like RFK, Jr. but he has no chance of winning the presidency. I do vote for someone who meets my policy needs, general views of government, and has a chance of winning. In our system of voting and government, voting for 3rd party candidates makes little sense. It is a different story in parliamentary elections and governments.


RFK will, like other 3rd party candidates did in previous elections, determine who will be President in a close Biden-Trump contest. If RFK draws more from dissatisfied otherwise Trump voters, Biden will win. If RFK draws more from dissatisfied otherwise Biden voters, Trump will win.

Consider: Ross Perot made Clinton President; Ralph Nader (particularly in “hanging chad” Florida) made Bush President; Jill Stein made Trump President; Teddy Roosevelt made Woodrow Wilson President; George Wallace made Nixon President.