Don't bring your liberalism to Florida!

I loved this story and video! A liberal New Yorker goes to Florida…


Karma is a M.F.



Next movement.


When the police show up at your residence and read your Miranda rights + telling you that they have you on video placing you at the scene of the crime damaging another person’s property - you’re done!
Additionally, he just admitted to the criminal act talking to a police officer with a body camera which makes the prosecution’s case even better against him. Now he’s really done! It’s a felony and he would lose his right to vote in most jurisdictions if convicted due to being a convicted felon. Not very smart - instead of punishing someone for their political views he will be the one having to pay about $6,000 to have the victim’s car repainted and then lose his right to vote once he’s convicted as a felon. Oh, and let’s not forget court costs, court fines, and any sentencing imposed by the judge to be determined. All that over a political bumper sticker - pretty expensive lesson to learn. Hope he gets help for his TDS.


That’s strange, there’s laws and enforcement in Florida :question:
Why is he not doing 6 months in solitary, fined 1.8 million dollars and left to rot in a black-site prison. Further, he should be banished from the free country of Florida!


Also, as a Boneheaded Dem, he probably doesn’t own one but he just admitted to committing a felony so, if he was thinking of getting a gun, that just went away. I’d say that the person that owned the truck that he scratched got a fantastic return on investment on that bumper sticker. Mother didn’t seem too proud of her taste in a mate either.


Police: “Mr. Brothers, here’s the unfortunate news. She wants to press charges, so I have to take you to jail, sir.” :boom:

I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Richard admitted he did this on purpose because he saw a “Lets go Brandon” bumper sticker on the victim’s vehicle and he did not like it.

Brothers: “I guess it infuriated me.”

Police: “Was that it? That’s the only reason you did it. You don’t know who owns the truck or anything?

Brothers: “Yeah, that’s the only reason I did it.”

Police: “Mr. Brothers, here’s the unfortunate news. She wants to press charges, so I have to take you to jail, sir… It costs about 6,000. It’s a felony. When you damage someone’s property over $1,000, it’s a felony. Normally, I would get a warrant for you, but since it’s a felony and it just happened two days ago, I don’t need a warrant.”

In Florida, criminal mischief resulting in damage of 1,000 or more is classified as a third-degree felony. This can carry a sentence of up to five years in prison and a 5,000 fine, along with the obligation for the offender to provide restitution to the victim.

The owner of the truck that was keyed has decided to press charges, resulting in the swift arrest of Brothers without the need for an arrest warrant, due to the recent and severe nature of the crime. He was jailed overnight. Brothers’ wife did not appear happy about the situation. She became very angry at Richard for doing this.

Richard was arrested and transported to Key West Jail. Thepreliminary hearing for this case is scheduled for April 30, 2024, where Brothers will face Judge Mark Wilson in a pretrial hearing to address the charges.

I hope he gets the full sentence and asset seizure to pay the restiution. As a felon he loses his voting rights, and likely at least two fewer votes for FJB.


God bless Florida. We have our faults, for sure, but I wouldn’t leave it.


The whole point of them coming here is to make here like there. They could care less about here but only want to force us to live as they did there.


Festering cancer


Love it! Karma!


Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. :rofl:


He can sell his vacation home to pay restitution, court costs, and divorce lawyer.




The way she looked at him, handcuffed in the backseat of a police car :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I don’t suppose that there’s a large, unpaid mortgage on that vacation home,


It’s good to see that a Lefty may just see consequences for their actions. WTF, is that guy 12 or something?


The title of this thread seems like a weird take. People in a free country should be free to advocate for their positions, policies, etc. No one here would be happy with, or accept, the reciprocal stance, “don’t bring your conservatism to X.”

I’ve not read the linked article, and am just discussing the title of the thread and the position it seems to advance.

I’m all for swinging from my tree while you swing from yours….

The line is crossed when someone sets fire to the other person’s tree,

or in the case of the linked article, keys someone else’s truck.