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Lockdown, quarantine, stay at home or whatever you prefer to call the orders and mandates under this pandemic certainly hasn’t been all fun and games. But my family has tried to make the most of it. We’ve learned some songs together, made crafts, baked cookies and cakes, played countless board games, read books, competed on the Wii Fit, completed a few puzzles and, yes, we’ve probably also sighed, argued and stared off into the distance a little more than usual. And perhaps this craziness of being in our home so long without the normalcy of everyday life (you know, things like going to work, attending school, shopping, eating at restaurants, visiting with family, going on vacation, etc.) has affected our household.

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What other terms have double meaning in your life?

How else do your family and training worlds collide? Ever grabbed the diaper bag instead of range bag on the way to the range? Or your range bag instead of diaper bag for a trip to the grandparents?

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